Television’s Style Queen: Beth Dutton Is Slaying

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Saying goodbye to summer is always tricky, but worth it. The flowy sundresses need a snug jacket on top, and your summer shorts need to go back to your wardrobe. Just as September starts, the slow preparations pick up speed with enthusiasm. Celebrity Halloween Costumes have always attracted the most crowd, but this time, the variety is mind-blowing. 

The inspirations were never limited to theatre, but in recent years, the masses’ focus has shifted widely. Television series have become more diverse and coming up with characters inspiring millions. The epic Western series, Yellowstone, comes at the top of the list of mind-blowing shows changing fashion direction. 

There is no exaggeration when you hear that Beth Dutton is the essential character who has done a splendid job with her iconic wardrobe. From the very first season, Beth has left her fans’ jaws dropped. Kelly Reilly is quite a beauty, and when she gets into a sassy banker’s character, there is no stopping her. 

She has been a part of the cast from the first season that came out in 2018. The series mainly revolves around family conflicts and relationships while the Duttons work hard for their ranch. Beth is probably the only antagonist child of John Dutton, the owner of the ranch. She has a profound and complex character, which might become unlikeable at times, unlike her wardrobe choices. 

Calling her tough as nails would be an understatement. The resilience and power she shows in the series are far more than any of her brothers put forward. It is highly unlikely to expect Beth as a bubbly and happy go lucky character with a complicated past. She has done her fair share of questionable stuff, but none that could faze her fans. 

With Kelly Reilly’s skills, even the unlikeable becomes admirable. Her mind and intelligence are as appealing as her outfits. There has never been a scene where she wasn’t attracting most of the eyes for her brilliant taste. Even though she has a messy life emotionally, she is an uncrowned style queen in the current times. The character development is truly unique as she grows from an insecure girl who lost her mother to a powerful woman, not less than any warrior. 

This growth resulted in a woman with exquisite tastes. From chic sunglasses to coats that will force you to hold your breath, she has it all. If you plan on showing up as this diva, then the following recommendations will help you for sure! Beth wears an animal print fur coat in the second season of Yellowstone; the moderate length coat is luxe apparel, which screams class even from a mile. 

Every other item she carries is extraordinary and irresistible. If you are not watching Yellowstone, you miss out on the most incredible content of this era. The whole cast is full of gems like Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner. You are making a grave mistake because apart from Beth, some male allies, too, will serve as the ideal costume inspiration for Halloween. 

Throughout the TV show, the Western-style is prominent. Wide-brimmed hats, boots, rifles, and horses are always around. Shades of brown and black are still peeking through the lighter tones. In all the sturdiness, Beth enters as a beacon with equal power. In the third season, she is seen in a paisley shirt dress that perked interest from many females. 

You are in for a trip to the Best Western-themed ranch ever with this cast. The best part of the wardrobe of the cast is that all articles are highly functional and mesmerizing. Beth Dutton’s coats are always business but flattering and fun at the same time. With lots of pockets, inner linings, and classic features, all are multipurpose and cold-weather friendly. 

The accessories are equally charming. Travel-friendly hats and versatile footwear of the cast are gaining particularly more attention than other things. Beth’s western-rancher look becomes complete when she rides a horse in one of her iconic bomber jackets. She is tough in coats, sturdy in jackets, and mesmerizing in Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Hooded Coat

The strong cowgirl look comes to a halt when she appears in a tribal coat with details that stole the show. Among all her attires, this blue hooded poncho style coat has done the best among fans. From all around the globe, her fan base is dying to get their hands on it. An ideal time to get hold of it so that you can flaunt it on Halloween too! 


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