Halloween: Make Your Day Special Without Trick-Or-Treating!

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The traditional Halloween day demands us to light up a big bonfire and wear spooky costumes to fight off ghosts and evil spirits. But if you are a person who follows no culture and listens to his heart, then don’t think that this day can’t be yours. Just staying at home and doing fun activities with friends and family can also make your Halloween night memorable. Just be in the comfort zone and style up in any costume that you like, either in your favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes or in any food-themed outfit, and enjoy the company of your most-loved people. 

Without going out and knocking at everyone’s door for trick-or-treating, now celebrate the best day of your lives in the most fun way with amazing and engaging ideas this Halloween. Brew up your no. 1 wine and get ready for the unforgettable day coming ahead!

Decorate Your Place:

Spooky décor is necessary to get Halloween’s real feel, and no one can argue on this. Get up and rush to the store and fill your hands on the best pieces before running out of stock. Carved pumpkins are always perfect for a scary décor; embellish them with some fairy lights and place them in a dark room with some clings on the window. Put some spooky music and see people not looking at that room again. Decorate the entry and living room with fake spider webs, gravestones having your friends’ names, and cut-out legs and hands to scare everyone.

Lit Up The Oven And Bake The Best Cake:

If you love baking and your friends, then take them to the kitchen and bake the best Halloween cake. Opt for the orange and black theme and decorate it with the spookiest toppings. Edible gravestones, spiders, owl faces, google big eyes, and monster faces are the scariest ones. Surprise people with a monster lava cake and choose a red-colored filling to give the impression of blood. See everyone giving a good scream when they take a piece out of the cake!

Amplify The Atmosphere With Spooky Music And Stories:

Gather all of your people and sit with them in a group form. Dim all the lights and put on a horror movie’s theme song or some bone-chilling music. According to the music, grab a glass of monster slush and a pillow and pass it on to each other. The one having the pillow as the music stops to tell a scary story. This idea gets spiced up when people share real stories, and they have experienced them personally. Enjoy the time with your best people, and stay cautious for light-hearted people because this activity can severely affect people and is no joke!

Play Horror Video Games:

Many video games release just before Halloween so that people play them on the day. Not only that, but many existing video games also bring Halloween updates and introduce zombies and monsters to make the game spooky. So, choose a horror-themed video game from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Evil Dead, Past Cure, Dead Space, etc. Make sure that the game is multiplayer as to engage friends and family with you. Stay at your home on the couches and pair up together to beat the crap out of zombies. Feel real Halloween vibes with thrills!

Talk To The Spirits To Jazz Up The Night:

The curtain between the spiritual and real-world is said to be the thinnest on Halloween, allowing the ghosts to come homes. Take out Ouija boards from the closet and gather your friends to have some company. Now, it’s time to light some candles and recall the deceased souls back to the world to satisfy your inner adventurous personality. Add some fun element to this scary game by contacting your favorite celebrities that left us ages ago. This game can get out of hands at any moment, so always stay cautious and keep the kid’s meters away from the room.

Watch Hit Horror Movies:

Last but not least, make your day one-of-a-kind by watching horror movies with a bowl full of popcorn. Go according to the theme, choose spider or snake-themed popcorn, and see people making weird faces when they look at the bowl. Decorate the living room with a big screen to make it possible for everyone to enjoy. Now, stream the scariest movie that you know or make rounds these days for having the most horror storyline. For some suggestions, Conjuring 2013, The Exorcist 1973, A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984, and Rosemary’s Baby 1968 are the hottest picks.

Enjoy the best time of your life with people that make you happy. Dress up in quirky fun or spooky costumes and munch on the cake that you baked with love. If your family is an anime fan, style up in an Akira Capsule Jacket and pull off a family performance night. Let every member choose their favorite character. Get in the role to make your Halloween day awesome without going out and asking for candies!


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