A Complete Guide to Buying Gold Chains

Gold Chains

Do we need any special occasions to buy jewelry? Of course not! Being one of the most valuable metals apart from platinum and silver, gold carries a good reputation. It is a prime symbol of prosperity and status. This is why people prefer investing their hard-earned money in purchasing gold ornaments. Among all jewelry pieces available, gold chains are immensely preferred. Being appropriate for both sexes, these subtle and delicate pieces are a must-have for every jewelry lover. Luckily, there are endless gold chain designs to choose from to satisfy your fashion sense. Wearing them is super cool as they let you achieve different looks effortlessly. Either you wear a single chain or create layers with different/multiple chains, you will definitely, strike a statement with any style. 

To know more about the important tips to buy gold chains and explore through the amazing collection it has got for you, keep reading. 

Important Things to Know Before Buying a Gold Chain

Before you invest your money, make sure to take notes & keep the following things in mind: 

  • Ensure to thoroughly check the designs of jewelry. Plus, look for BIS hallmark as this is evident of gold purity and quality. 
  • Be aware of making changes so that can you bargain on it later. On average, most of the jewelers charge between 12%-20%. However, some stores may also charge up to 40% making charges so it is better to inquire and keep yourself informed about this beforehand.
  • It is always suggested to cross-check the weight of jewelry to ensure that it is correct and is the same as printed on the bill. 
  • If you are purchasing a gold chain for investment purposes, be cautious to not purchase the embellished ones. This is because the pure gold chain design will provide you better resale value. 
  •  If you are purchasing a gold chain for regular wear, assess its length and width. It should be strong enough to resist daily wear and tear. Moreover, it should neither be too short nor too long to ensure easy wear.

Now that you are aware of the important things to keep in mind before buying a gold chain, let’s explore different gold chain designs that you can wear to enhance your everyday look and outfits.

Different Gold Chain Designs

1. Simple Gold Chains:

This is the most basic design which features small links with a smooth texture. The simplicity of this chain speaks for itself. You can wear it with any outfit, on any occasion. Simple gold chains are evergreen so don’t worry about getting your designs updated every few years. These elegant pieces seamlessly blend with each look and carry a unique unisex essence that makes them suitable to be worn by both men and women.

2. Rose gold chains:

Want to look spectacular and elegant in your outfits? Rose gold chains it is.

The pinkish gold shade with a touch of copper complements all skin types which makes it extremely popular in our picks for gold chains. So do try these on for that luxurious feel.

3. Layered gold chains with pendants:

For a chic appeal, a layered chain design is an ideal choice. Featuring layers of two to three gold chains with one or more pendants not only beautifies your neckline but also creates a bold statement. Since this chain design imparts a strong statement, it is best to be worn during festivals and wedding seasons.

4. Custom gold chains with personalization:

If you want something unique that truly speaks your personality, then custom gold chains are your go-to option. These chains have pendants etched with your name. You can also customize your chains with your favourite quotes or special dates. These chains exude stylish appeal, plus, are affordable too.

5. Gold chains with pearls:

Keeping it minimalistic and classy, this type of chain lifts the look of your outfits completely. The best part is that gold chains with pearls are available in stunning patterns, hence this can be mixed and matched with all your attires.

6. Gold chains with a feathery touch:

Carrying a bohemian charm, this style of neckpiece is hard to resist. Feathered gold chains give your neckline a sleek and feminine look and go with most of your casual outfits. They are comfortable to wear and are available in beautiful patterns.

Hope this guide was useful while shopping for gold chains and you will make the most of adding gold as part of your jewelry collection. Don’t shy away from experimenting with new styles and designs or whatever makes you feel confident. It’s definitely worth your time.

Happy styling!


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