Types of painting services provided in Tyler, Texas, and other details

painting services

Does your home’s paint begin to peel off after a while? There are several reasons behind that, including water, humidity, poorly prepared surface, using multiple paint layers, or applying different coats on a single wall.

Most homes in the city of Tyler, located in the eastern part of Texas, require painting every four to five years. One of the reasons behind this is high humidity, which in this city is 65%. The moisture oozes behind the paint film, resulting in its saturation and peeling. 

You should call painters Tyler TX as soon as you notice your paint peeling, cracking, or discoloring on the surface. Even though the interiors are better protected than the exteriors, getting both repainted every few years is better to ensure they remain in prime condition. 

However, getting your home painted isn’t just necessary for aesthetic reasons. In Tyler, as in most of Texas, painting a property increases its value by almost 4,000 USD. It gives you a 107% return on investment for interiors and 55% for exteriors.

But what are some painting services offered by professional painters in Tyler, TX, that you should know along with other details? Read on to find out.

Types of painting services

Depending on your requirements, most professional painting services in Tyler, Texas, offer interior and exterior paint services. Here is some information about the interior services.

Interior services

Getting the interiors of your house painted is necessary to enhance its aesthetics, boost your mood, and improve the air quality. Professional residential painters in Tyler offer various interior painting services, including trim, ceiling, basement, cabinet, bathroom, and kitchen.

According to Section 7.65 City of Ordinances Tyler, Texas Code, house owners must keep the basement in “sound working condition and good repair,” Having it painted regularly is the most efficient way.

The same Section of the City of Ordinances also makes it compulsory for property owners to ensure their interior floors, walls, and ceilings are in substantially good condition. Painting those areas in your home is the best way to do that. 

Exteriors services

Professional painting services in Tyler, Texas, provide exterior services like fence painting and staining, popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, pressure washing, and deck painting and staining. 

If your home is large, it is better to opt for popcorn ceiling removal, as it increases your home’s value in Tyler (and most of Texas) by almost 25,000 USD. 

Things to check before hiring a company

Moving things around before the painting process starts is difficult, irrespective of whether it’s a single room or the entire house. Therefore, you should select a service that prepares your property before beginning the painting process, for example, helping you move the furniture, electric cord, wire, and other items away from the wall. 

Hiring moving services is expensive in Tyler, costing between 400 USD and 500 USD. It’s best to hire professional painters that include those in their package, thus bringing down the overall cost.

Further, you should ask them if their package includes drywall and plaster repairs to prepare the surface before they start applying the paint. Most services in Tyler provide drop cloths and clean sheeting to protect the areas during the painting process. 

Another thing you might consider asking them about is the type of paint they use and if they could suggest a good color choice for your walls. Interestingly, the most popular colors for walls in Tyler’s homes are gray, beige, and white, so you could choose from these if you want. 
It would be best to select professional painters in Tyler, TX, providing interior and exterior painting services and ensuring adequate preparations before the process. Having your house painted gives it a fresh look, increases its value, improves air quality, and even helps with pest control to a certain extent.


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