Best Cakes For Valentine’s Day Celebrations

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Valentine’s Day is the upcoming occasion that couples in love are looking forward to. It’s a week-long celebration of myriad feelings and emotions. All through the week, lovers and partners are seen enjoying love and romance in different ways such as exchanging gifts, dinner dates, vacations, and cake cutting. Yes, cake cutting is a ritual of Valentine’s Day celebrations. People share the love over a bite of delicious cake. The third day of Valentine’s week, the chocolate day is marked over chocolates and chocolate cake. So, we have a rounded-up special Valentine’s Day treat for the cupid lovers out there. 

  • Heart-Shape Red Velvet Cake: Red and Valentine’s Day are complementary because red is the colour of love. If there is a cake that is all about love and taste, it is a heart-shaped red velvet cake. Several designs of this cake are available online at famous bakery shops. Some of our favourites are heart-shaped red velvet cake with chocolate hearts and love bite written on it. Next one is a simple heart-shaped red velvet cake all covered with velvet crumbs, luscious and sweet. 
  • Chocolate Red Velvet Cake: Two most delicious flavours, chocolate and red velvet, coming together in a cake; the experience is bound to be beyond imagination. This kind of cake is a sweet marriage of exoticness with beauty. Red velvet cake layers are smeared with chocolate frosting. Further, the cake is covered with dark chocolate icing roses on which red velvet crumbs are sprinkled. 
  • Pink Strawberry Cake: How do you say to your partner that you love him/her berry much? Well, over a strawberry cake. It is not just sweet but too pretty to be sliced and eaten. One pink strawberry cake design is a vanilla sponge cake with strawberry frosting and fruit chunks, dressed in pink buttercream roses. Another cake design is a heart-shaped strawberry cake with a pink glaze adorned with edibles. 
  • Poster Cake: Relishing sweet moments is best done over a poster cake. Poster cakes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours. You can avail a poster cake in your favourite flavour. Round-shape, Heart-shape and square shape poster cakes are readily available online. Poster cakes are frosted with an edible sugar Valentine-themed poster with buttercream. You can customise the poster with name or initials. 
  • Photo Cake: Another cake option from the personalised category. It is a photo cake! Photo cakes are also baked in many different sizes, shapes, and flavours. In this, the poster is substituted for an edible photo. The photo sheet is then frosted on the cake with icing design and chocolates on the sides. 
  • Blueberry Cake: Succulent and juicy blueberries are high in nutrients and taste. After the highly popular blueberry cheesecake; several other kinds of blueberry cake is available with the cake shops. A classic blueberry cake with buttercream base topped with blueberry syrup, white chocolate, and chocolate sticks is a cake choice worth gaining calories. 
  • Chocolate Cake: Chocolate is the favourite cake flavour of the many. That’s why you cannot go wrong with a chocolate cake. A chocolate cake should be your Valentine’s Day choice. You can order choco chip cake, chocolate truffle cake, Kitkat cake, Ferrero Rocher cake, dark chocolate cake with white chocolate marbles, and many other chocolate cake varieties. You can order chocolate fusion cakes as well. 
  • Black Forest Cake: Black forest is a classic flavour that is highly relished. A round black forest cake with fondant red hearts or top or a heart-shaped rich black forest cake with cherries, black forest cake with red rose; all these are the best choices for lovely celebrations. 


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