Saving Childhood in Orphanages through Financial Help

Childhood in

Right from the heart, we must have concerns for the people who are deprived and vulnerable from the necessities. During the lockdown, they are chronically damaged individuals. The reasons lie in their dependency upon the people who intend to visit them and provide help for their survival.

What encourages us to think especially over the situation of those who do not have families and relatives for being cared from? In my opinion, they are more deprived, and we must consider their issues and try to resolve them.

Surprisingly we do not have enough resources and infrastructures to shoot this issue. Also, the high authorities are not working at high levels to introduce possible resolutions. Whenever NGOs seek help from the government, it feeds only formal purview to tackle this rising trouble.

These NGOs often introduce a place for those kids who are whether lost their parents or are deliberately left by them, due to lack of survival. This place is known as an orphanage. Orphanages are the institutions dedicated to caring for abandoned children.  

Via this blog, I shall introduce the likewise potential role of orphanages and check the economic possibilities to figure out its solution.

Where do orphan children come from?

In our daily life, we often come across the news related to natural disasters, war, poverty, abandonment and accidents; these are the real causes that force a child to become orphan. However, sometimes parents deliberately have to leave their children for some unfair reasons. 

A child without parental care can more closely associate with the indentured servitude, child slavery and prostitution, religious inequity etc. when these children are to live with their relatives or neighbour or on the streets are subjugated often gone under situations above.

Happenings with them

What we can think about the happenings in the life of an orphaned child is beyond sufferings and can lead to the ultimate tragedy of death. If he somehow manages to survive, there are maximum chances for him to get into the criminalised activities that can bring sufferings to him and for others. 

The result of their life is remorseful as they can die of starvation or from preventable diseases. They can die at the hands of others and themselves. They might spend most of the time in jail and could make impact in the society in a negative sculpt.


An orphaned child is more prone to face terrible difficulties coming on his way and make possible chances to indulge himself in unfair means and delinquency. Therefore by the means to abstain it from this spoilage, it is urgent to put him into a type of organisation that will help him to retain his purpose of life.

The importance of orphanages is seen when they help give an orphan a right direction, better environment and providing them home-like feeling. 

Is orphanage enough to deal with the issue?

We can make it possible to impossible things, and this is our ultimate attempt to turn tragedy into triumph. If we are assured with the conceivable outcomes or solutions, we can create wonderful statistics. Helping an orphaned child is an amaze ballistic act of kindness.  

When we extend our helping hand to the abandoned child, it will benefit the world and global society. Instead of harming himself and others, he will grow up as an ideal and responsible adult who can give back his possessions of wealth and health to the community.

The best example that struck my mind is of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer, Inc. He was an orphan whose parents never married, and his mother decided to leave him in the orphan care facility. His adoption made him a wonderful person, and we cannot forget his contribution to the technological world.

The best way to help them

To find the best way to help the orphanages, we should first understand the following terms:

  • Every individual is born with some natural and specific needs. These needs include basic one such as food, shelter and security. Along with this, a child requires the knowledge and belief that he is valuable to others. 
  • The source of care must be carefully checked as it is the absolute mean to make him suitable for society. Our intentions are more significant in building his personality. 
  • Adoption can be a solution but not a complete one. Statistics tell that the number of orphans does not meet the adoptions, it means though it is a reasonable effort, we need more measures that can work for the whole number of orphans.
  • Foster care help is necessary but does not work for a collective ratio. There are many nations where, due to poverty and lack of social infrastructure, orphans are more deprived of foster care as they are constrained. 

Meeting financial support

If you wish to provide a subsistent help to an orphanage and desire to build a better future of its occupants, then doorstep loan facilities are available in London.

You can become a star of among your friends and relatives that you at least took the initiative to hampered the lives of actual needy.  


It is not hyperbole in saying this that orphanages are the lifelines of the orphans if treated well and according to the wellness and healthy equipping formalities. In addition, we all must take an oath not to treat any abandoned child unfairly and bless him with the good bringing. 

This would help him to give you back in your needs.


A possessive side of the kindness towards orphans is not estimated to the orphanages but it should gain places of the inner heart. 


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