How to Determine How Much Exercise is Too Much

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Everyone keeps telling us to be active and do this or that exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. But how much exercise is too much? We have seen many people who take their fitness routine too seriously that they cross the line and end up hurting, harming, and injuring themselves. While working with a professional personal trainer always keeps this factor in check, it can be difficult to determine yourself because every person has different physical limits. What works for a person might not be that useful or even healthy for another person. 

Thus, it is best that you know the signs of exhaustion and potential consequences of doing too much exercise or workout. 

Symptoms of Over-exercise

  1. Aches and Pain

Well, aches and pains are expected when starting or changing exercises or workout routines. But when they don’t go away, it is something that you should be concerned about. Some soreness is usual while regularly working out, but there is always a difference between the pain caused by a hard-workout and the pain that indicates an injury. 

If you are constantly feeling pain or soreness in a certain spot that feels like more than usual muscle soreness, you should stop exercising/working out and give your body time to heal. Trying to push through too much can lead to a chronic injury. 

  1. Weakness

It is quite normal for your fitness performance to fluctuate. However, feeling chronically weak could be a sign that you are working too much and your body is finding it hard to heal from it. Give proper rest and time to your body so that it heals and recovers properly after each workout. Don’t count it as some excuse for laziness or lack of discipline. Recovery and healing is an integral part of a fitness regime. 

  1. Mental Fatigue

Over-exercise not only impacts your physical health but also your mental health. If you used to exercise enjoy but now finding it dreadful, your mind might be telling you that you should take a break. While you should be consistent with your fitness routine, there is nothing wrong with skipping your workout occasionally if it is getting mentally exhausting for you. Discuss it with your fitness trainer so that you can come up with a better fitness plan that doesn’t make your fitness routine dreadful or discouraging.

What Should You Do??

If you are an exercise junkie and noticing these signs, try going cold turkey for a week off so that your body can heal and recover. Also, spend some time doing your hobby and socializing that takes the mental pressure off and helps you reduce stress. Speak to your personal trainer about how to determine the right amount of exercise that you can enjoy and your body doesn’t get overburdened.   

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