Create Your Own Memorial Photo Collage for the Funeral of Your Loved One


In the digital age, printed photos are considered as the most precious and tangible remembrance of your favorite memory. In this era, photos are stored on the computer or in the smartphones and bringing out the physical photo is considered as rare. One such occasion where you can display the physical photo is the memorial or the funeral service. It is time people remember their loved ones and show their tribute to them. And for doing so, you need to put their physical photo on display. You can either use their single photo or can create the photo . If you are not funeral collage good at art, then you don’t have to worry as this guide will help you in creating the collage beautifully.

  • Get the Photos Printed

You need to go to your phone memory or computer storage to check for the memories of your loved one. These memories can include photos of their graduation, birthdays, marriage or any other special occasion. You need to choose the photos which you like and the number of photos selected depends on the memorial collages you want to prepare. If you have any theme in mind for preparing the collage, then choose the photo according to the theme.

Once you have selected the photos, then you have to check the printing services from where you want your photos to be printed. You need to decide the size of the image that you want to print and the paper in which you want to print. The printing services chosen by you will decide the quality of the photo they have printed.

  • Gather the Craft Supplies

You need to create then the list of the craft material that you will need to create the funeral collages. You need to count the number of printed photos you have, and then you can guess what size of the display board is required. You have to decide for how long you have to keep the collage; if you want to keep it even after the funeral, then you can laminate them. If you want to hang the collage display board, then you need to poke a hole at the backside of the board so that it can be hung.

The display board used by you can be either made of plywood, dry-erase board or the cardboard. Choose the adhesive correctly to paste the photos; you can use tape, glue or the tacks. However, the adhesive chosen by you depends on the cardboard you are using.

  • Choose the Shape of the Display Board

The display board used in making most funeral collages are rectangular; however, if you want the display of any other shape, then you can use it. Choose the shape of the board that can accommodate all the printed photos of your loved one. You can even make the display board in the circle or the heart shape. If you cannot find the shape that you want your display board to be, then you have to trace the desired shape on the rectangular board.

However, while selecting the shape of the display board, you need to keep in mind the frames, and they mostly come in a square and rectangular shape. 

  • Get Creative

You can add a date and place under every photo so that it will be easy for the people attending the funeral to combine the pieces together.  You can either write the date and place directly or can use the sticky notes for writing them as then you can remove these notes after the funeral is over. You can add personal taste to the memorial collages created by you so that it can be the centerpiece of the funeral. You show your creativity by adding glitters, balloons or nice edges on each photo to give heartful touches to the collage.

It depends on you and your artistic imagination; how nice you want the collage to look. So, when you are making the funeral collages on your own, then you are adding a personal touch to the funeral service.


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