Green Mowers – Perfect Equipment for Mowing

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People love playing on the area which is perfectly maintained and have turfgrass that has been cut in the perfect size. However, have you ever thought how the area of the golf course is maintained and what equipment is used for cutting down the grass? If no, then you should know various equipment are used for maintaining the golf course, and these are handled only by experienced technicians. However, mowing is one of those maintenance activities that require the use of different varieties of mowers.

When we talked about mowers, then it comes under the golf course maintenance equipment that is used daily for mowing the golf course. You may require different types of mowers for a different area in your golf course. Out of all the mowers, the green mowers are one the best as they are used to prepare the putting surface, or you can say the playing is of the golf course.

Green golf mowers cones in two categories – walk-behind mowers and others are triplex mowers, i.e. mowers with three wheels and three cutting units. People mostly prefer to use walk-behind mowers because it offers the highest quality cut and walk mowing needs time and resources to complete the task of mowing. Triplex mowers are more efficient, but since it has three cutting units, that is why the quality and appearance of the cut is affected. 

One should note that all the green mowers along with other mowers are reel mowers; however, rotary mowers are used by homeowners for mowing their lawns and sports fields. A typical lawn mower or rotary mower is known to have one steel blade that is mounted under the mower deck, and due to rapidly turning off the blade, it cuts down the grass horizontally. You can even say the impact of the cut made by this golf course maintenance equipment is similar to that of the axe. However, the reel green mowers have about 9-15 blades in the single reel which spins vertically and then by using scissoring action it cuts down the grass. If you want to maintain the healthy turfgrass, then you have to set the mowers properly so that there will be clean cutting of the grass plant. If you wish to lower HOC, then there should be more blades on the reel.  

The green mowers are designed in such a way that mow is low so that it can offer you a smooth playing surface. With time the HOC has been lowered from 0,250 inches to 0.125 or lower in recent times. However, you can make sure that even in this low HOC, there is a minimum margin of error while using this golf course equipment. You can say that lowering of the HOC is directly proportional to the stress the turfgrass plant can tolerate.  You must be wondering how many green mowers are required for the golf course? Then you should know the number of green mowers you can use in the golf course depends on various factors like size of the green, level of maintenance required, operating budget of the maintenance and transit time. This is the same for all other golf course maintenance equipment; moreover, one should be careful while using them for mowing the grass. 


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