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The most unpleasant interaction of one human being is absolutely with an unbearable infestation of roaches. Many of the people have already attempted to kill the cockroaches but nothing goes right. Here, we are introducing the best cockroach gel bait product that helps you to get rid of this nasty pest species.

Speed & Spectrum in one package

With a high-performing and high-consuming bait matrix, Advion cockroach gel bait allows you to target all prevailing cockroach species. Advion gel combines the non-repellant and proprietary gel bait that allows you to kill the toughest species of cockroaches such as German, Asian, Smoky-brown, brown-banded, American and oriental cockroaches. This amazing product is offering speed and spectrum all in a single product. With a superior combination of the active ingredient “Indoxacarb”, roaches cannot resist the tempting formulation.

Advion cockroach killing gel bait comes in the package of 1 plunger, 1 tip, and 1 tube that is enough for quickly controlling the cockroaches.

Differentiating Mode of Targeting Roaches

This amazing and best cockroach gel bait controls and effectively targets the infestation of cockroaches. Advion cockroach gel works differently on targeted and untargeted organisms.

  • Targeted Insects

Advion gel contains 0.6% of Indoxacarb that converts into a new matrix after entering in the bodies of roaches. With amazing insecticide properties, the formulation of this product reacts with enzymes of cockroaches.

  • Untargeted Organisms

No doubt, Advion contains a lethal dose of poison that is powerful for killing cockroaches but not enough powerful for harming other organisms. The active ingredient becomes inactive after entering into the body of other organisms.

Key Features & Benefits of Advion Gel

  • High-performing bait matrix features a high-consumption and non-repellant formulation
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor places
  • Speed and spectrum all are combined in one single product
  • With simplify inventory management, Advion offers superior control over roaches
  • Advion cockroach gel bait even control the species of bait-averse roaches
  • The unique and professional formulation can be used in residential buildings, commercial areas, industrial plants such as single or multi-families, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings schools, and food-handling areas.
  • It does not cause harm to the pets but it is better to store Advion cockroach gel away.
  • Unless other gel bait products, you only need 0.5 gram or a pea-sized drop of Advion

Rotational Strategy of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Along with Optigard, Advion Evolutionary gel bait works on a rotational strategy. Roaches breed and adapt quickly that is why it is important to implant rotational strategy. Experts recommended 3 months rotation that is equal with an average life-span of German roaches. For outdoor places such as garden area and garage, it is recommended to apply rotational strategy after every 1 month. With the proper use of Advion, you can see a remarkable elimination in the infestation of roaches.

How to get your hands on Advion cockroach gel bait

Many of the platforms are selling this amazing roach killing product but Easyshopping allows you to get your hands on Advion cockroach gel Sharjah at a discounted price. It doesn’t matter if you live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can still get your hands on this roach killing product with an easy online shopping method.

Important FAQS

  1. What is the recommended dose of Advion cockroach gel bait for outdoor places?

A: The recommended dosage of Advion gel for outdoor places is the same as indoor. You only need to spread 0.5 grams of this gel bait across 5 to 10 linear feet.

  1. What are its active ingredient and its percentage?

A: This best cockroach gel bait contains 0.6% Indoxacarb.

  1. Does this gel bait safe-to-use for kitchen cabinets?

A: Yes, Advion cockroach killing gel is completely safe for kitchen cabinets. But make sure you have completely covered the food-handling surfaces and edible items before using it.

  1. Does this product safe-to-use for cars?

A: Yes, you can use the Advion cockroach gel bait in your car without any worry.

  1. Is it harmful to pets or not?

The active ingredient of Advion becomes inactive after entering in the bodies of untargeted organisms. So it is not harmful to pets but taking precautions is better than taking your pet to the veteran.

Meta Description

Advion cockroach gel bait is high-performing, non-repellant, high-consuming, and proprietary gel bait that targets all the prevailing and toughest cockroach species.


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