Prepare Your Biological Child For Accepting Adoptive Siblings

Adoption Lawyer Atlanta
Adoption Lawyer Atlanta

The most complication relationship that exists in a family is that of siblings. There are circumstances when they live tighter is total harmony and love; but sometimes there is the serious rivalry between them. This situation becomes extremely troublesome as explained by Adoption Attorney Atlanta when this situation occurs in biological and adopted siblings.

Three Main Points To Remember

When you are adopting a child and you already have your own biological children; then serious problems can occur. But on other instances the whole process goes smoothly and both children live in harmony. It is quite unknown that how will your biological children will react; so to prepare them is the best line of action.

You have to remember the following three points before adopting;

Adoptive Siblings Of Different Ages

The child you want to adopt can be a newly-born or can be of older age. The newly-born can be nurtured ad trained to become a good person and adjust well in the family. But for older children; it is quite unknown how they will react or accommodate in the family.

The Race Of The Child Can Be Different

The parents are always careful in adopting a child that could create a conflict within the family. The main reason for a conflict is the race of the child. Adopting a child who is not of the same race can build a sense of false superiority in the birth child. 

You Don’t Know The Attitude Of The Adopted Child

This point is the most important of all because adoptive parents will never guess what kind of attitude and character the adopted child will show when he/ she grow up. This is the one thing that is like a hanging sword on the heads of the parents because the attitude is unpredictable. 

Is It Right To Keep Your Biological And Adoptive Children Together?

An important question that can come into your mind is whether to keep your biological as well as adopted children together or not. It is really complicated as at times even the real siblings don’t get along and on various instances adoptive and birth children go along quite well. So it can only be known according to Adoption Attorney in Atlanta Georgia once you keep them under one roof.

Who Is Favored By The Parents?

It has been very much speculated that the parents would obviously favor the biological children over the others. But in many other cases it has been noted that the adoptive siblings are given more importance and attention so that they don’t feel neglected. But this at times become the major cause of sibling rivalry.

Tips By Adoption Attorney Atlanta Helping Your Biological Child

During the process of adoption any good adoption attorney like Tom Tebeau will definitely guide you by giving tips on how to talk to the biological children about accepting the adopted ones. They can further recommend their clients to adoption therapists and counselors to prepare the children. 

Have Them Play And Interact Together

The best way to make them prepare for a new addition in the family is by letting both the children interact with each other. When they will spend time together; they will surely know each other better. Playing together is the best way they can spend time together.

Create A Sense Of Sharing In Your Biological Child

The effects of adoption on biological siblings can be either negative or positive; and clearly you want it to be positive. Children are not prepared to share their things with someone else and especially if it is the attention of parents. You can create a sense of sharing in your biological child. It can be done by initially letting him/ her share the toys.

Give A Good Reason For Adoption

Although children might seem careless and reckless when given proper reason and arguments can show sensibility and maturity. If you are adopting a child of different race and ethnics then explain to your child that he/ she is in need of a loving and caring family that only they can give.

Discuss Their Fears And Worries

There are a lot of bad things that are associated with adoption which has been enhanced by the media. The best approach is to talk about these worries and fears. Only discuss and talk about the positive points of adoption. 

Explain That They Will Not Lose Their Importance

Many biological siblings think that their parents will stop giving them the importance and focus all their energy on the adopted child. The parents must and should convince their children that they will be given the same love as their adoptive sibling.

Give Love And Care To All Children

In the excitement of welcoming a new arrival in the family; people forget about the existing siblings. So never ignore them and give the same love to all. 

Be Ready For Aggressive ModeThe most vital point is to be prepared for according to Adoption Attorney Atlanta is the aggressive mode of the biological siblings. It is not a definite conclusion that children will react in this way but being prepared is important.


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