5 Crucial Tips for First Time Marijuana Smokers

Marijuana Smokers

There are many benefits to smoking marijuana, and as it becomes legal in more states, there are more opportunities to try it. Many people can be apprehensive about trying marijuana for the first time. Just like trying anything for the first time, it’s mostly about getting over the nerves and just diving in. If you’re interested in trying marijuana for the first time, here are five crucial tips for first-time marijuana smokers. 

1. Start Slow 

When you first start smoking marijuana, you should be mindful of the THC content of what you’re smoking. THC is the part of marijuana responsible for getting your high. So you should always start with a moderate level of THC and figure out how that feels before moving on to something stronger. 

If it’s your first time smoking, you may feel a little buzz from your first hit. Enjoy that feeling and hit again when the feeling has wined down. It’s always better to start slow and learn how your body reacts to marijuana. If you smoke too much too fast, you could be susceptible to unpleasant side effects like paranoia and anxiety. 

2. Visit A Dispensary 

There are a couple of different methods to smoking marijuana, and it can be a little overwhelming to figure out what the best method for you is. You can smoke marijuana from a joint, bong, vape, bowl, blunt, and the list goes on. If you don’t know where to start and have dispensaries in your state, give them a visit.  

Your local “budtender” will be more than happy to answer your questions. They can even help set you up with the best products for your first smoke sesh. 

Many dispensaries grow their own weed and have first-hand knowledge of the strains you buy. Once you start smoking a little more, you may be interested in growing your own weed too. If you want to learn more about growing weed, check out this beginner’s step-by-step growing guide from Veriheal

3. Smoke with a Friend

A good rule of thumb for your first time is to try sharing a joint with a friend. Joints are small, so if you only need one or two hits you don’t have to worry about wasting any weed. You can also better control how much you inhale when smoking a joint.

It’s a great idea to smoke with a friend that has more experience smoking marijuana than you. They can come along and show you the ropes. Your friends can also help you figure out when you should slow down and pace yourself while you smoke for the first time. 

Smoking with your friends can also be plain old fun. Once you know how marijuana affects you more, you can enjoy a smoke alone from time to time. But it’s always more fun to smoke with friends. 

4. Set Up Your Environment 

When you smoke weed for the first time, you should do it in a place that makes you comfortable. Maybe that’s in your bedroom or outside in a field. 

You never want to try a new substance in an environment that makes you anxious. Being in a familiar environment will help make your first time smoking much more comfortable. 

5. Stay Hydrated 

A common side effect of smoking marijuana is dry mouth. It’s a great idea to drink water before you smoke and have it nearby while you enjoy your high. Having water around will help you have a more pleasant experience. 

If you get a little anxious about having a dry mouth, you can calm down by keeping yourself hydrated. You should also get some snacks to put with your water in case you get a case of the munchies. 


Smoking weed for the first time can be a little intimidating, but if you set yourself up to have a good time you’ll be ready to enjoy your experience. Smoking with friends and taking the time to listen to your body will help you have a great first experience.

Make sure to take it slow and start small, you can always smoke more as the night goes on. Now that you have these crucial tips, get out there and enjoy your first smoke sesh. 


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