Why Dream Design Property Sucks


Dream Design Property wants to change that. The company believes that while housing is important for living space, it should be more than just a place to sleep in comfort every night. What about the time you’ve spent in that house? Memories? Family? Friends? Going for walks outside on rainy days or watching your child play in the back yard on sunny afternoons should make up at least part of your home ownership experience.

That’s why Dream Design’s latest product is the one thing you didn’t know you were missing: The Dreamhouse. While traditional houses are built on land, Dreamhouses are built in the sky. At first glance, they appear to be simple floating platforms – but upon closer inspection, they become something more.

Each platform is a floating home in its own right. It has all the facilities of a house: Showers and toilets, kitchens with fridges and freezers and microwaves, bedrooms, living rooms with televisions and DVD players, dining rooms for those big family dinners… anything you could ever want from a house is available in these units.

While none of it is essential, the more time you spend at home, the more connected you become to your house. The environment takes on a life of its own, and as a result, it becomes easier to remember what about what’s in your house, even after all these years.

So why not live in one of these units? They’re a way for everyday people to share their homes with other people who want to share their experience with them. Dream Design doesn’t mind if you rent them out – they just want to see you living in one! It’s like an extended family – but with space and privacy where you need it. There are no strangers there – only long-term friends and family.

But that’s not the only reason to live in one. Dream Design plans to introduce a series of floating shops as well as platforms for retail and leisure. Each shop is a series of platforms linked together by bridges, with the top level being dedicated to open-air restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes.

The bottom two levels are dedicated to the actual shops themselves. Why waste space on the ground when you could be using it up in the sky? Shops containing pretty much anything you could want will be dotted around these levels – electronics, clothes, food and drink, even plants and animals like birds or fish! Of course, it’s not all about shopping.

Dream Design plans to include entertainment elements as well in some of the stores. This could be anything from singing and dancing to gaming, even interactive displays where you can have a little chat with the latest fashion models as they walk past your window. There will also be places where you can have impromptu musical or dance performances, or even interactive sports or exercise facilities!


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