Where to Buy Bitcoin? The Best Options Explained


So, you have heard of bitcoin and have seen it take off in the cryptocurrency, tech, and investing worlds. You may even know someone who has either just invested in it or already made out well from it. 

You have probably asked yourself how do you even buy bitcoin? Do not worry, we are here to answer that. 

Below are some suggestions for where to buy bitcoin. 

A Bitcoin ATM

These have been popping up in several countries throughout the world over the last few years. 

Say you have a good familiarity with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. You are on vacation in an unfamiliar place that might not even accept your paper currency. 

A Bitcoin ATM will allow you to buy bitcoin from thousands of locations throughout the world. Learn more about locations that have them and where to buy Bitcoin near me. 


This is one of the more popular options out there to not only buy Bitcoin but sell it as well. Coinbase allows you to purchase bitcoin by simply creating an account, verifying your ID with a photo, and allows you to use either a debit card or bank account to purchase coins. 

You can start with as little as $25. It even lets you use PayPal to buy coins. 


This is similar to Coinbase where it is an app you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. But, Robinhood also is an app where you can buy and sell stocks as well. 

One of the biggest things Robinhood promotes is that it has commission-free investing. This means you can potentially buy bitcoin here without having to worry about that fee. 

This company started around March of 2015 and has been around for six years, becoming one of the bigger names out there to buy and sell currency with. 

River Financial 

A lesser-known player than the first two, River Financial is nevertheless still a legitimate player in the bitcoin market. 

River offers brokerage service and human customer support to help assist you in buying bitcoin. You just need to sign up, link your bank account, and then you can go on and buy some coins. 

If you have an iPhone, the company caters more towards you, having a mobile app available there that you can use to acquire your bitcoin. 


This is yet another company where all it takes is to set up an account on their website, deposit funds, and then you can buy bitcoin. 

One catch currently with eToro is that they are offering a temporary deal where if you buy $1,000 worth of crypto, you can get an additional $50 for free. 

This company also provides you with a virtual portfolio to practice trading crypto before you put real money into it. It is a company that is recommended for beginners in the crypto world. 

Where to Buy Bitcoin For You?

Now that you have some legitimate options on the table, you can figure out where to buy bitcoin from here.

Whether you are a beginner, want to avoid transaction fees, want more customer support, or simply an ATM, there are enough places on the table for you to buy bitcoin instantly. 

Read more about bitcoin and other related topics in our Business and Finance sections. 


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