What Must You Know About Apprehended Violence Orders?

Violence Orders

The Australian Domestic and Family Violence Review Network reported in 2018 that one female is killed by either her current partner or former every week. As per reports, there were 140 domestic violence cases in Sydney in 2021. And the number has pretty much remained the same for the last few years. 

If you have been the victim of brutality or been threatened with violence, you may need to resort to legal action. The Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO) lawyers in Sydney can help. They are specialists in this law and can help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family. 

If you want to learn about what AVO lawyers Sydney do and how they can help you, here is the information.

What Are Apprehended Violence Orders?

While the crime rates in Sydney range from low to moderate, safety has become an issue in the region. Apprehended violence orders, or AVOs, protect people at risk of experiencing physical abuse. The law places restrictions on their ability to interact with their victim. Courts can issue these orders against a person who has engaged in aggressive or threatening manners towards another individual. However, many people may not know how to get an AVO or where to turn for support if they have experienced violence or abuse. 

Who Are Apprehended Violence Order Lawyers?

AVO lawyers are experts in helping individuals affected by domestic violence and other types of abuse. Whether you have been wrongfully accused or are a victim seeking security, an AVO attorney can work with you to navigate the legal system and safeguard your rights. 

These lawyers have extensive knowledge of the relevant statutes and procedures and have access to resources to help victims navigate this difficult time. Whether you need help filing a restraining order or want to understand your legal options, a lawyer can provide the guidance and support that you need during this challenging situation.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for AVO Cases in Sydney?

The statute of limitations is the period within which a criminal case must be filed. It means that if you have been the victim of domestic violence, you have two years from the date of the incident to file a case against your abuser. In Sydney, the statute of limitations for AVO cases is two years. 

The statute of limitations ensures that cases are prosecuted promptly and protect defendants’ rights. However, it is vital to note that the statute of limitations may be extended in certain circumstances, such as if the victim is under 18 years of age or if the crime was committed against a member of the victim’s family.

How to Find an AVO Lawyer?

If you need assistance navigating the laws and regulations of proceedings, it’s essential to connect with a qualified and experienced AVO attorney. When selecting an attorney for your case, there are different factors, including familiarity with local regulations, breadth of experience handling similar matters, and track record of successful outcomes. 

You also need to consider the fee structure, costs for additional services your case may require (such as expert testimony or court filings), and availability for meetings.

If you are unconvinced about where to start when locating a lawyer in Sydney, one good place to start is by asking other lawyers in your network for recommendations. They can refer you to attorneys they have worked with who have expertise in handling cases like yours. 

Another option is to confer online directories that offer listings of AVO lawyers in Sydney near you or reviews from past clients. Once you have compiled a list that seems like a good fit for your needs, take the time to research their professional credentials and verify their claims of specialties or experience. 

Finally, set up consultations with each one so that you can ask any questions you may have before making a final decision about representation. 

So, this was the overview of what Apprehended Violence Order Lawyers in Sydney can do for you, their fees, and the process of finding one. If you or someone dear is a victim of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to seek legal assistance to ensure your safety and well-being.


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