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When a reporter knocks on your door, you are not surprised, but you’re usually at least as excited. When she asks to interview you, you should feel the same way. But when she says you can’t come to the interview, that’s when you know you have a crisis.

In the video above, we see a reporter knocking on a person’s door and getting no response for over an hour. You should feel the same way. Now imagine waiting hours for a reporter to knock on your door – and youre not sure if your house is haunted or not.

Now imagine that same reporter is the only news person in town. She’s doing her job and is interviewing you and trying to find out what happened. She knows she’s running into a situation she can’t control. She doesn’t know if you’re a spy or a murderer. She doesn’t know if you’re a bad guy or a good guy.

The main reason I ask you to look at the trailer is that it looks like you’re in a time loop.

Thats right. Because this reporter is investigating a story, shes got to come back and tell you what she did and why. And she doesnt know you, she doesnt know your family, she doesnt know anything about you. So youre stuck in a loop that has her investigating you for the whole of her interview. If you dont do any of this, she might not even ask you a few questions.

I dont want to be an evil person, but for some reason in death loop youre stuck in a time loop.

Or youre stuck for life. But in a way youre.

It’s an interesting idea. But you know what? In this case, I think the reporter should be doing something else. You know, maybe she should be eating or sleeping. She should be taking care of her body, not her career.

And if you want to know all the good people in my life, you should know her. She said “You know, I’m tired of being a bad person. I want to be one. I want to be a good person.”I think I have a lot to learn.

The good news is that death loop is now on sale in the US. A couple weeks ago Deathloop was just a rumor, but now it’s real. It’s also available for those of us without the $$$$ to get the game.


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