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Trump got elected.

Trump is a con artist who’s spent years lying to the American people about his qualifications, the integrity of his campaign, and other dubious things. He’s been trying to be a puppet president for the benefit of his wealthy friends and donors, which is why it’s so surprising that he’s been elected. A con artist doesn’t want to take on the person they’re trying to fool.

Trump is a con artist who is trying to use the election as a way to further his own power. It doesnt matter if he wins or loses, that’s just not the point. He’s already got his own personal power base that is now able to continue his con. He is using the election to consolidate his power and make it as hard as possible for his opponents to challenge him.

You can’t just ignore the election because the only thing that matters is that youre trying to manipulate them. But don’t you have to be an idiot to try and manipulate someone who’s doing the best you can and has a better chance of getting elected? I know its not easy to get elected because youre trying to manipulate people. But it’s also not easy to change people if they dont understand the rules.

This is the reason we have elections. In a democracy, we have a vote. A ballot. And a ballot is a vote. If you don’t have the courage to vote, you don’t get to have a say. And if you don’t vote, then you cant get the government to do what you want.

And that is why I always say that nothing is as simple as it seems. People are complex and complicated. And the more we learn from them, the more we can make better decisions.

One of the most important parts of politics is the media which is supposed to report the news, but often does so in a way that makes it seem like politicians are saying and doing things which they are not. The media is also supposed to be neutral, but often is not. Some are more anti-Trump than others, and some are pro-Trump. This is so even if you don’t agree with the outcome of the election or are personally against the candidates.

I want to be clear that I have not, and am not, pro-Trump. At the end of the day, I think most Americans want what is best for their country. We don’t like the way our government is run, and that’s fine. But in this case, if we want to have an informed discussion, we should be voting as a whole.

Trump won the election. The question is going to be, do you believe that the voters who voted for him were stupid or that he is truly an effective president? On the one hand we all know that is a ridiculous argument, but on the other hand you might think that maybe those were just dumb people. The problem here is that Trump has managed to become a political joke. He’s got everyone on the left, and the right, confused.


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