Thought About Dental Implants But Scared To Make The Decision?

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Here Is The Perfect Solution For You! An Ephemeral Preface On Dental Implants

A dental implant is a surgical fixture that is placed into a jaw bone and allowed to infuse with a bone in a short span of time. In transit it’s an artificial tooth root fixed in place of the original tooth root for holding the tooth or bridge. At Roanoke, dental care provides treatment for dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots or a surgical fixture, which is placed beneath your tooth and serves as a support to your tooth. They are of screw type in shape and which bonds up with your bone in a certain interval of time. Dental implants are the only dental restoration, which helps to preserve natural bone and help them grow. 

Types of dental implants:-

Dental implant replacements and its fittings are ordinarily divided into two stages or more.  There is a time span of 6 weeks to 6 months in between two stages. The implant becomes a part of your oral when they fuse the artificial tooth with your jawbone.

American dentist Association has analysed the two types of dental implantations which are safer to use.

1:- Endosteal implants

It is a harmless kind of dental implant surgically placed directly into a jawbone, which is typically known as root-foam implant , which is screw or cylindrical in shape. In order to facilitate this surgery the bone beneath the root must be strong and wide to provide a secure foundation. Once the gums are cured, a second treatment is done by placing artificial teeth.

2:- Subperiosteal implants

It’s a kind of an implant which consists of a metal frame that is fitted onto the jawbone, just under the gum tissue. As the gum heals, the frame gets fixed to bone.

Symptoms of dental implants:-

These are few indications that you need dental implants.

1: Difficulty in chewing.

2: increased in sensitivity, that is pain while eating hot or cold foods.

3: Gum irritation.

4: Deeply infected bones.

5: Broken tooth.

After surgery care:-

Oral hygiene is the most required after dental implant. Flossing your teeth once in a day and brushing twice or thrice a day is a must. Smoking and tobacco should be strictly restricted and you should visit your dental surgeon every six months. 

The average healing time for dental implants is 4 to 6 months.

After going through the above writings, a thought might persist in your mind of how painful it can be?

In most cases, a dental implant is a little painful. There is a sort of discomfort after the surgery. But it differs from person to person and their oral hygiene, their level of tolerance and how complex the procedure is.

Generally, patients feel discomfort for 10 days post surgery and swelling heals with time.

You might not be able to cope up with a dental implant if you have certain medical conditions like diabetes, cancel or problem with the immune system.

Some misapprehension about dental implant:-

1: They are painful.

2: It causes a lot of expense.

3: You won’t be able to eat certain kinds of your favourite food.

4: There would be a problem in smiling properly.

5: It takes a longer time to feel comfortable.

6: It’s very exhausting to maintain.

7: Certain age of people can only go for a dental implant. at Roanoke gives the best treatment and gives comfort to patients and makes sure they are at ease.  They have a friendly and courteous staff and would give their best to the patients.


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