The Ultimate Guide to Choose A Perfect Blender


Many around the world love the different types of smoothies. These delicious smoothies are usually made by blending healthy fruits and veggies. Mostly, hand blenders are used to make tasty smoothies. However, if you want to make crushed ice smoothies, then a hand blender may not be that effective. With the right blender with effective power, you can make delicious smoothies. Now, in this article, you can find help to choose a perfect blender to make smoothies. Let us see the features you need to consider before buying one.

8 important features of an excellent blender

  1. Power
    The power is the main feature of any blender. To prepare a delicious smoothie, you may need a blender that offers high horsepower. Smoothies are tasty if their texture is smooth and fine. So the right blender should offer a minimum of 500 watts power. A good blender with excellent power will easily process and crush food items such as ice, frozen fruits and frozen veggies.
  1. Stability
    An effective blender can effortlessly blend tough food items smoothly with stability. Blending vibrations can cause scratches on your kitchen surface. So, for more stability, choose a blender with a heavy base and tight lid.
  2. Jar
    The pitcher of the blender is another important feature to consider. The size of the jar matters to suit your family blending needs. There are numerous blenders in the market, and some common pitcher sizes are 32 to 64 ounces. Also, there are blender jars made up of plastic, metal and glass. However, the polycarbonate jars are recommended as they are durable and scratch-free.
  3. Design
    Many find it important to buy a blender that suits their kitchen décor. If you are into design and style, then there are several fancy smoothie blenders available in the market. When choosing a specific model, remember to select a one that fits your kitchen countertop.
  4. Usage
    Modern-day blenders are very easy to operate. The blenders come handy with great features and controls for easy use. Some blenders’ contain a pulse button to do a specific type of blending. So consider selecting a blender that comes with easy blending features.
    High-end blenders’ come with top-notch blending features. These blenders allow you to make any type of smoothie. A pricey blender is durable and lasts for a long period. However, a cheap priced blender may blend smoothie effectively but doesn’t last long. So, while buying a blender for smoothie always prefer quality over price.
    Blending smoothie in a basic blender can be a messy task. If you want a clean blender after each smoothie blending, then choose a blender with dials. Also, removable blades make it easier to clean and maintain the blender after each use. So, always choose a blender model that is easy to clean and maintain.
    8.Warranty policy
    A bender with excellent warranty policy can help you to fix the blender if it needs repair. Choose a manufacturer who offers a warranty for the product and offers serviceable parts.
    The above features are the criteria to choose a perfect blender for smoothies. Consider all the 8 tips to buy a perfect and effective blender.


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