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Protoday247 is a news portal which aims to keep the audience updated about everyday events.

We love gathering an audience from all over the world, pleasing them with every aspect possible.

Here at Protoday247 we have a range of a number of subjects such as Islam, Sports, Technology, Activities, Environmental Policy, Economy, Health and Fitness, Food and Beauty Environment Tips, Property, Work and Industry, and more.

Protoday247 is a 99creativeideas group that is a collaborative collective of people collaborating on various Digital Media channels.

Let’s take a peek at our Website:

The first group we have is Islam; here we’re gathering different blogs about Islam and all the relevant news is going in there. You will find useful resources for daily usage such as Qibla Guide, Prayer Timing, Islamic Calendar, Zakat Calculator, Quran Kareem, Hadiths, Naats and Islamic titles, etc.

The next group is Events; it includes a list of all the relevant regional, domestic, or Islamic things that happen.

The third group is Sports; all games are included here, such as Baseball, Soccer, WWF, Hockey etc. We also go live and keep our tourists informed while there are scheduled matches such as, PSL, T20, ICC ODI, World Cup.

We also put a group of Recipes in the fourth row, where we have numerous recipes and videos of foods and tips.

The next group is Technology that contains news and knowledge on some technologies such as cell phones, laptops, social networking applications, etc.

Health and Fitness is another area where health and fitness information, articles, video, and blog are shared to provide positive benefits for travelers.

Ahead is a group called Property, which involves a number of luxury schemes in Pakistan. Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, & Islamabad, Capital Smart City Islamabad, Blue World City Islamabad, Gulberg Islamabad, Gwadar Golf District, New Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir, etc. are some of the popular and major names you will find here.

The next categories are Jobs and Business where work advertisements and business opportunities can be found.

You will enjoy online shopping in the group Gift Shop.

Here, let us remind you that many of the definitions are already being updated on our website and that the current research is going on.

Not just this but also Protoday247 offers you the chance to advertise and support your company with us. We do have a language converter available on our website that helps you to convert the material into your preferred language and make the most of the information that we have received.Through this page, Proptoday247 is not exclusive, but you will find us on numerous social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.


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