How Will Hemp Seed Florida Be In The Future.


Hemp seed Florida will be an unstoppable force in the future. While we may not see it happen in our lifetime we’re guaranteed to see it happen during our children’s lifetimes. Hemp seed Florida will take over florida like it did many other states. It’s a matter of time before hemp seed Florida becomes a new Florida industry. This billion dollar industry will create thousands of jobs, help the economy and potentially lower the cost of clothing and food. There are a few changes that will have to be made regarding the new legalization law in order to fully take effect. The first step is for hemp seed to be able to be grown in florida without fear of legal prosecution.

The second step is for hemp seed Florida farmers to start growing hemp seed legally. The third step is for companies that handle hemp seed, processing the seeds into oil, becoming licensed by the state before they can begin processing hemp seeds.

Coming to Florida, where hemp is illegal…

On April 20th this year florida passed a bill allowing hemp farming in the state. That doesn’t sound like much does it? Well it’s huge. This bill is the first step in legalizing hemp seed production in florida for the first time since 1868. When hemp was legalized back then it provided an enormous benefit to the state of Florida. At the time nobody supported it, but over time people came to realize that hemp can be incredibly beneficial to mankind and that something should be done about this profitable crop getting cut down by farmers who weren’t interested in growing good quality seeds. Then people began to support hemp and we saw it spread like wildfire across many states. Before long all states including florida supported hemp farming and no one had any reason to oppose the growing of hemp seeds.

Since then hemp has become a trillion dollar industry and any company that isn’t growing hemp is missing out on a huge potential profit source. Now that florida has legalized hemp seed Florida companies must now begin to work together to grow the industry. Once this happens sales should soar as people realize how much better products made with all natural hemp seed are compared to those that aren’t as pure as they say they are. 

Once Florida fully legalizes hemp seed industry the price of food, clothing and even prescriptions (which will be made with hemp seed) will plummet. The rising costs associated with rising global oil prices will become a thing of the past, because hemp oil can be used to replace many oils that are found in commercial products. Hemp’s oil is also more sustainable. It can be used to replace many commercial oils that are sourced from petroleum based resources. Since hemp seed is considered food in most countries it can be grown without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Hemp seed will make the environment better by not polluting the earth with noxious chemicals.

This marijuana growing side of cannabis legalization will soon become what everyone has been waiting for. The best part of this entire situation is that all these benefits are only expected to happen after hemp seed Florida actually begins to take shape in the state. That’s a long ways away from being a reality. In the meantime florida hemp seed farmers should be ready to start growing their crop before it ever becomes a possibility. Hemp seed can’t grow very well without adequate sunlight and nutrients. This will make it very difficult to grow for the first couple years until florida becomes well established to support the farm industry in full swing.

The hemp industry recently found out that it can’t even get aboard its seeds because of federal law. This is an issue that we’ll have to deal with before we see hemp succeed in Florida.


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