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Over the last few years, education has evolved in many ways. Technology in education has changed, as well. From teaching students on a blackboard to learning interactive whiteboards, all this has happened in the last ten years. Today, education has evolved so much that e-Learning on tablets and laptop insurance is a common occurrence. The main benefits of using laptop insurance and pills are that they are inexpensive and easy to use.

They also allow direct communication between the students and the teachers. As per the latest Studies, both laptops and tablets are known to help in boosting computer skills while encouraging the freedom of thinking. As both laptops & tablets are highly portable, these can be easily taken along to any place. Students’ assessment is more accessible through laptops, and there is less hindrance for students who like to study at their own pace.

Top Benefits of Using Laptops & Tablets for E-Learning

There are many reasons why tablets and laptops are helping students in e-Learning.

1. Laptops and Tablets Help Student Keep Up With the Developing     World

Many teachers have explained why these are so important for e-learning. The teachers use them to send the study materials to their students quickly. The students can also use the Internet to complete assignments and projects. Many teachers conduct the online test, and the students can appear for them through their laptops and tablets.

Many teachers tell their students to learn about the current events from the Internet. Then some teachers provide students with an obscure topic and ask them to prepare a presentation. They can take help of the Internet for their research. Without laptops and tablets, it would have been very hard for the students.

2. Teachers Can Use Laptops and Tablets to Teach

There are many students in a single class, and not every student learns the same way. Students with disabilities might have a difficult time learning the same thing as their classmates.

Tablets and laptops can help them get past this by providing them different materials to study. The teachers can use e-Learning to show videos about particular topics and make it easier to understand for them as not everyone will be able to know from the textbooks.

3. They Are Cheaper Alternatives to Textbooks

The school body saves much money by opting for tablets and laptops with electronic textbooks instead of regular textbooks. In Wisconsin, a school saved nearly $13000 after they decided to replace their biology books and science books with tablets. It kept them $60 per book. The laptop and other appliance insurance and textbooks come with free materials and will help the school save much money. This way, the school can save this money for other things such as renovation.

4. Flipped Model of Classroom

The given theory or model gets reversed with respect to classes and homework. It includes:

●       Students can access their study materials anytime.

●       By allowing students to take a tablet, they can access their materials anywhere they want.

●       If video lectures are provided, then the students can stop, rewind or fast forward anytime to learn something again that they did not understand on their first try.

●       Students are encouraged to ask doubts when they return to their class.

●       The given methodology gives the teachers the opportunity to follow the pace and be worry-free about disturbance of any kind.  

5. Sheltered Learning 

When students possess laptops and tablets, it becomes simpler for them to get used to the concept of at-home learning. Through e-Learning, the parents can be involved in the learning process as well. The teachers connect with their students through a virtual classroom technology while safely sheltered at home.

The schools and colleges that have already implemented this technology have had an advantage in this pandemic. The other colleges and schools need to catch-up as soon as possible, but their efforts will be beneficial.

The Final Note

If we compare a traditional classroom with e-learning, we can see that in the conventional teaching method, the students only acquire the knowledge given to them by their teachers. E-learning that comes with the revolutionary 1:1 technology allows students to focus on their problems in the class and then use the materials that are provided to them. 


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