Having the Blinds and Curtains, Clean Is Just So Smooth

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People often ignore cleaning curtains and blinds; if the curtains and the blinds are clean in your home, it will fresh up the home’s atmosphere; generally curtain steam cleaning methods are preferred. Regularly cleaning the blinds and curtains is even more important when you are suffering from allergic issues. Cleaning curtains or blinds is not easy, and you should find curtain cleaning services, we are going to share some tips for cleaning curtains. Generally, it is considered that the best time for cleaning the curtains is spring. 

Regular dusting of curtains and blinds is important 

The best way to keep the curtains clean is by regularly dusting the blinds and curtains. A good shake to your curtains can easily remove the dust and dirt from it. You can easily remove the dust and dirt from the curtains even when they are on the rail. You should also take the curtains out once in six months and keep them in the open sun for removing the smells from the curtains. You should re-hang those curtains after some time to prevent the wrinkling of the curtains. 

Vacuuming of the curtains 

If you want to keep the curtains and blinds clean, you should vacuum them regularly. You should use the brush attachments to clean the dirt and dust from the curtains. You should pay more attention to the curtains’ topside and start from the hooks and rails of the curtains. You should also vacuum the backside of the curtains. The curtains’ backsides often contain a lot of dirt and pollen, which is coming from the windows if they are open. 

Wash curtains if required

If the fabric of the curtains is washable in the machine, you should wash it in the machine but do read the guidelines of the manufacturer. Curtain cleaning companies can provide such machine cleaning services to users. If the curtains’ fabrics are delicate, you should wash them with your hands because they may shrink during the cleaning process. Some even suggest using the dry cleaning process for the cleaning of the curtains. 

If the curtains are heavy, then you should prefer curtain steam cleaning methods for it. Washing machines cannot clean the heavy curtains; creases also become prominent when you are cleaning the heavy curtains in the washing machines. When you wash the curtains, hang them right after cleaning to prevent the wrinkles; on the other hand, if you are hanging them outside for drying, then you need to iron the curtains. 

Dry clean the curtains 

If the cleaners think that the curtain steam cleaning is not good for the curtains, you should use the curtains dry cleaning process. Generally, curtains that are made from the velvet needs dry cleaning. You should also regularly vacuum the dust and dirt from the curtains to prevent damage and increase the curtains’ life. However, the most important thing is checking the curtains; they mention which methods are good for cleaning.


If you have aluminum, wood, or plastic blinds, they are generally easy when it comes to cleaning. You just need to wipe the slate using a rag, which is damp, and later clean it. On the other hand, if you have roman blinds, they are difficult to wash. You need to dissolve them and then assemble them again when the dust and dirt are completely removed. However, if you are regularly spot cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting the roman blinds, they won’t need professional cleaning. It is also recommended to get professional help when you want to clean the roman blinds. You may damage them during the cleaning process. The professionals understand how to assemble and dissolve them. 


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