Evolution of machinery with time

Evolution of machinery 1
Evolution of machinery 1

Machines have been around us for ages now, we live in a world where machines have become an inseparable part of our daily lives, we are hooked to machines most of the time and we are nearly at a point in evolution where survival without machinery would be almost impossible, machines play an important role in our lives, we can’t remember the last time we were in a room which did not have a single machine present in it and although machines have provided us a life of luxury and ease, we are at a point we are almost over dependent on these machines and it will be a very hard task for any one of us to go back to the days of the past and apply the methods of work they used in our lives.

Let’s look at some activities we did before the evolution of machinery


Nowadays communication is so much easier than the it was in the past, we could be sitting on the other side of the world and talk to a person who’s on the opposite side with ease, it almost boggles the mind but we don’t think twice about it anymore, it has become the new norm for us. Back in the day, people had to send handwritten letters to each other, the letters were firstly sent by pigeons and ravens but that changed with the help of postal systems and postmen, there was a time when writing anonymous letters was a way of making new friends, it was the equivalent of sending a text to a stranger. There was no sign of mobile phones and the first way of telecommunication was the landline which was shared by all the people in a house, computers were hardly used commercially and even after computers were a thing, there was a long time before the internet was created.


Transportation today is another thing we take for granted, and yes automobiles have been around for more than a century, there was a time where the road of a city was a place where people used to walk and no one even had the slightest idea that one day a metal box with four wheels under it would be driving swiftly on the same roads they were walking on, today you can use your phone to hire a cab and pin your location to a driver on maps, but back in the day there were maps printed on paper and you had to figure out where you were based on the landmarks around you, there was no way of automatically pinning your location and being guided by a robotic voice, there wasn’t even a thought of such a thing. 


Agriculture has been around ever since humans have existed, farming was the first form of food humans discovered and even today, farming is one of the largest ways we get our food, farming has seen many changes and shifts with time but none have been as drastic as the ones we are witnessing in this era, there was a time where all of the farming, from the bedding of seeds to the cutting and harvesting of crops, was done with bare hands and today, there is a machine for every procedure whether big or small, we have a machine for it.

Nowadays we take machines like the ones mentioned above for granted, these days you can easily get used machinery for sale, and the marketplace for machinery has advanced to a level where used machinery is just as good as new, machines are built with such rigidity and robustness that they can last for many years to come and work just as fine even after getting damaged.

Machines have affected many businesses for the better, and production has increased in every field due to the heavy use of machinery, in today’s day and age if an industry wants to survive they need to be tech-savvy, there is no industry that can survive without the use of machinery. If you ever want to buy machinery or are looking to buy, check out machine sells, it is a marketplace where you can buy, sell or rent any kind of machinery, just check out machine for sale in Pakistan.


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