Comparison: Fiberglass filter Paper vs Pleated air filter

filter Paper vs Pleated air filter
filter Paper vs Pleated air filter

When we locate the filter, people get confused between the two that are pleated filter and non-pleated filter. Experts suggest the pleated filter the most. We just want to enhance the air quality of the home. Below, in this post, we are going to compare fiberglass filter paper with a pleated air filter paper. 

The two main differences between the two are their size and design. Read the positive points of using the Fiberglass filter paper.

  • One thing that a buyer notices the most is the price, and fiberglass is a perfect go-to option. You can locate fiberglass in the market at affordable rates. Don’t fall for two low prizes as less as its prize so its quality.
  • You should choose the filters according to the atmosphere of your home; fiberglass filters balance the airflow inside the home. In the presence of the fiberglass filter, polluted particles may enter with the air flow.
  • Fiberglass filters easily get formed with the HVAC system that’s the reason experts guide to fix it with our system.

Misconceptions about Pleated filters

Pleated filters look like the musical instrument Accordion. Because of the design dirt, allergens and dust particles can’t flow with the air and easily get stuck between the pleats of the filter. These filters last longer. But there are few black points about pleated air filters to make you understand why the people resist themselves to purchase these filters.


  • Pleated filters are a little more expensive as compared to fiberglass filters. Below we are mentioning a few points that will convince you to purchase the air filters. 
  • Due to a health perspective, you must lose the pockets. The Pleated air filters are more efficient to restrict the dust and allergen particles flowing with the air.
  • You have to change the fiberglass filter paper every 30-45 days frequently, this increases your budget. But when you fix the air pleated filters with the HVAC system, you don’t have to face this situation. In the initial, pleated air filters price seems higher, but that is a good investment for long term use.

Excessive heat generation

It is said that such air filters generate the heat, but it’s not true in present, the manufacturers have reduced the factors that are responsible for excessive heat so that it can work more efficiently. Fiberglass filters have a drawback as that is attached to the surface, dust particles don’t stay for long inside the air filters, after a while the dust particles return in the air and pollute the air as well. 

Electricity Bills

As air filters are used to improve the purity of inside the area, pleated air filters are capable and efficient to do this task. When dust is not in the air it is the backside of air filters, the more dust is collected, and stored, the less efficient the air filters. Less efficiency just increases the number of electricity bills. You can contact your Houston electricity providers to check if your power bill has suddenly increased and prevent it from taking over.

Advantages of having a pleated air filter

One best thing that we have discussed in this post is the price, they look costly but that is a one-time investment for 3 months’ use. 

Some other filters are used for filtration such as cotton filter cloth, polyester filter cloth, etc. It can hold the dirt easily. At the time of replacement of fiberglass filter Paper, or fiberglass filters, the dirt may be spread on the surfaces again and pollute the atmosphere of the inside area. But you don’t have to face the same with the pleated air filters. 


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