Best Things You Can Do for Your love life at Any Age

Best Things You Can Do for Your love life at Any Age

How to satisfy yourself

Masturbation is healthy, natural, and of course, pleasant for men. It is no wonder that even on the Internet, there are more and more questions about how best to do it yourself or how to make yourself oral. While I don’t know the answer to the second question personally, in the first, I can advise you quite successfully.

Masturbation in men necessarily takes place with an emphasis on the genitals, i.e., the p*nis. In men, it is the only erogenous zone, thanks to which he can satisfy himself physically, i.e., in this respect, it has a smaller disadvantage compared to women.

On the other hand, satisfying yourself is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It is not just a matter of technology, but also everything that works as it should from the point of view of the health of the reproductive system. Masturbation can only be started after this condition has been met you can try Fildena 100 at Himsedpills.

The most common problems with male satisfaction

Love satisfaction is a set of several processes, which also depends on many factors. Some can cause irritation problems, others climax. That is why we will look at what these factors because and what problems can arise.

  • A combination of proper love stimulation and the body’s response to it is essential to satisfy a man, including healthy libido and a functional mechanism of erection.
  • When it comes to an erection, it depends on the sufficient blood supply to the genitals and, above all, on the retention of blood in the axillary bodies.
  • In the case of libido, the most important thing is a sufficient level of the hormone testosterone

The following problems and obstacles can arise in connection with a man’s physical satisfaction:

aversion to love – if a man has little or no desire for s*x, most often the problem is caused by a low libido or insufficient appetite of weak quality erection – it may not be just complete erectile dysfunction or impotence, even more, nervous and later onset or difficulty maintaining hard erection quick climax – sometimes this problem is called too rapid or premature ejaculation, and it is a state of the peak in 1-2 minutes from the start of irritation of the p*nis delays climax – in this case, comes orgasm later, for example, due to insufficient stimulation, or it may be a complete anorgasmia.

Obstacles to Quality love Life

These complications are not only difficulties in terms of self-satisfaction and giving a maximum during masturbation, but are mainly reflected in regular intimate intercourse. These are obstacles to a quality love life that also require to be addressed because of the partner.

Causes of problems with man’s satisfaction

Now let’s get a more intimate look at what can cause the satisfaction issues mentioned. These are the main factors directly related to the functions of the reproductive system or the hormonal system.

These are the most common ones associated with male love gratification:

Low libido: 

For problems with an appetite for affinity and sometimes for lack of erection, quality may be low libido. This is fundamentally related to testosterone deficiency, or its level or insufficient stimulation in the body. In this case, the overall sharing of vitality and energy may also be negatively affected.

Insufficient blood supply to the p*nis: 

If a man has problems with a slow onset of the erection or an inability to maintain its inadequate quality, one of the issues may be insufficient blood flow to the p*nis. It is a mistake to dilate the vessels that nourish the p*nis or keep the blood in the axillary bodies.

Disturbing influences of the surroundings: 

Many men make the mistake of trying to satisfy and masturbate regardless of the influences of the surroundings. I am not just talking about stress, but also, for example, activities such as listening to music or television. When an erection occurs, it is usually weaker, and due to the lower concentration on satisfaction itself, it may not culminate at all.

Improper love stimulation: 

The last category of causes of a man’s lack of satisfaction is the wrong way of physical stimulation and stimulation. This may be due to inexperience or problems with penile irritation. Low arousal affects the erection and the impossibility of ejaculation.

Options and ways to do it yourself

If there is no more severe problem limiting your s**ual satisfaction, you can go straight to masturbation. Remember, however, that this is not a race or sprint, but a marathon.

Here are the procedures and ways that decide how to satisfy yourself best: get Vigora or Fildena 120


As with regular intercourse, there is a prelude to masturbation. I recommend to relax as much as possible from the beginning and try not to think about anything disturbing. If possible, it is necessary to attenuate the influences of the environment as much as possible. From the beginning, start touching your organ only gently and lightly.

It’s not just moving up and down.

After the introduction, it is necessary to go through the stimulation and stimulation itself. The easiest is to move up and down, I recommend the whole clenched palm or by creating a ring from the thumb and forefinger. However, do not stay with this movement; the organ can be massaged in various ways, either the whole or just an acorn.

Gel is important

It is said that whoever lubricates goes, and the same goes for the masturbation of men. Trying a lubricating gel is not harmful, but it also requires enough space and, above all, subsequent hygiene. Don’t be afraid to use it for s**ual aids, but it will best serve to irritate the acorn and the harness.

With prostate and testicle massage

You can use not only one hand but both. Whether for two-handed masturbation or even better, for the simultaneous stimulation of the organ and other erogenous zones. It can be the testicles or the prostate. For example, you can try stimulation with some aids, such as a vibrating organ ring.

Inspiration and fantasy

Even the best technology without love inspiration can fail, and I don’t mean just in the introduction. Yes, we are talking about the video for adults, as masturbation opens the door to our imagination. Therefore, you will find a comfortable location, choose a favorite genre, and nothing prevents you from reaching a triumphant climax.

How Often To Satisfy Itself

One of the most common questions is how often it is excellent and appropriate to masturbate. There is an obvious answer to this: how often you have the need and the desire. But don’t overdo it too much, it is still better to have s*x with your partner to satisfy your physical urges.


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