Best Places To Visit In Cherrapunji For Nature Lovers

Cherrapunji For Nature Lovers
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Cherrapunji‎ is located in the Indian state of Meghalaya. Cherrapunji‎, about 4,267 feet above sea level, receives the highest rainfall in the world. Sohra is the local name of Cherrapunji, the seat of Khasi literature and culture that developed around Cherabazar. In Cherrapunji, there are clouds in the hills. Somewhere narrow mountain roads and somewhere deep ravines, in the game of hide and seek of clouds on the mountains, anyone will get lost in this state of unparalleled beauty.

Tourist Places In Cherrapunji‎:

There are several places worth visiting in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India. On the way to each place, you will see various fascinating fountains and there is a handful of mountains. If you want to stay costly hotel of India then you need to pre-plan. 

Cherrapunji Village:

There are various hill settlements and orange groves. You will see the kingdom of clouds rising over the mountains. There are also limestone caves.


The highest rainfall is here. The rainfall is about 2300 mm per year. There are natural caves called Kremmaozumbui, Jabrem, Khreng Khreng Rock and Ritmansi View Point.

Shivling of stone through stalag:

This is a wonderful forest ancient cave whose length and depth are still unknown. There are several monolithic pillar arches at the entrance.

Double Decker Route Bridge:

Here you have to climb the stairs 2,500 feet and go down again in the afternoon. You will see jungles, waterfalls, rivers and a beautiful living route bridge over the river on foot. Here the fatigue of the path can be removed by bathing in the fountain.

Nohkalikai Falls:

It is the second highest waterfall in Asia. This spring takes a beautiful form in the rainy season. There are opportunities for trekking here but this only allows for a few months of winter.

Ramakrishna Mission:

There are schools, temples and museums here. You will also find Ramakrishna Mission houses and ethnographic museums.

Mosmai Falls:

One of the special attractions of Cherrapunji is this Mosmai Falls. Located about 6 km from Cherrapunji Bazaar, this waterfall is the 4th highest waterfall in the world.

Kalikai Falls:

The fair of various types of orchids and colorful butterflies has made the environment around this fountain more attractive. If you go here, you will get lost in the infinite beauty of nature.

Appropriate time to visit Cherrapunji:

The real beauty of Cherrapunji is captured on a rainy day. Because at this time all the fountains are full of water. And so the rainy season is the best time to visit Cherrapunji in the state of Meghalaya. By that reckoning June-August is the best time to visit Cherrapunji. You can also go any time from May to October. In winter (November to February) Cherrapunji gets very cold and so for tourists this time is off season, the temperature is only 5-15 degrees. Even though the springs are dry then, in winter, another beauty of Cherrapunji is seen. So choosing the right time, you can go to Cherrapunji as an opportunity.

Cherrapunji Travel Tips:

Some extra preparation is required before going to Cherrapunji. As well as packing your bags, you need to make some extra preparations for this tour. The things to keep in mind are-

  • Cherrapunji is very crowded during Puja and Christmas holidays and it is difficult to get a seat in a hotel. So it is better to avoid these two holidays and go at any other time.
  • Choose clothes that are comfortable and take up less space in the bag when traveling. And take light winter clothes.
  • Take a traveling or trekking shoe with a good grip to climb the hill.
  • Raincoats and umbrellas must be worn on rainy days as the real beauty of Cherrapunji can be seen.
  • To reach the Rapunzi Double Decker Route Bridge, you have to go up and down about 2,500 feet of stairs. So be sure about your physical fitness and go in the morning and come back in the afternoon.
  • All the waterfalls in Cherrapunji are covered with clouds most of the day so you can ignore the driver’s rush and wait for a while to see the full form of the waterfall.
  • All shops are closed on Sundays, i.e. weekly holidays.
  • Necessary money and dollars should be kept with. It is better to endorse some money dollars by calculating how much it will cost. Later you have to exchange money for rupee.
  • There may be a problem with the internet, so if you download the map offline beforehand, it will be convenient to go to different places using only GPS.
  • If you take a guide with you, it will be convenient to go to different places.
  • When shopping from the sidewalk, buy at a discount.
  • Be careful when eating street food because there are many foods cooked with pork, so after seeing and hearing the ingredients, you will order food.
  • There are a few more things to keep in mind: Passports and visas should be prepared well in advance of the trip. It is better to keep some photocopies of the necessary papers with you.


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