Best Associates in Small Business Management Online

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An associate degree helps you to start your entrepreneurial dream with confidence. It will be over within two years and will equip you with the necessary skills to handle the needs of a young business. Hire a writer from the best professional thesis writing service to write a thesis on small business management.

Universities and colleges offer diverse associate degrees in management of small businesses. They cover different areas from accounting to marketing and human resources, among others. Here are the top associate degrees you can take online to make it easier to manage your small business.

AS in Business Administration from South New Hampshire University 

The university requires you to take 60 credit hours. Some of the units covered during the course include International Business Management, Human Relations, and Business Systems Design and Analysis. You will also dig deeper into the Principles of Business Management. 

The university allows you to customize your learning session by taking 12 credit hours and some electives. It will give you an entry into some of the common business related careers like sales, marketing, and general administration. You can also go forth and pursue a full degree in a business related field. It will cost you about $31,000. 

Online Associate of Science in Business Management by Sullivan University 

Sullivan University offers the associate through its College of Business Administration. You will be done with the course in less than eighteen months. Some of the units you will take include Business Law and Ethics, Business Organization and Management, Human Resource Management, and Computerized Accounting. 

Sullivan University has a history of maintaining intense association with the local business community. The community provides a lot of valuable resources to enrich learning. The associate opens the way for you to pursue a Business Administration degree. It costs about $14,000 to complete the course. 

Vista College Online Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

The AAS in Business Administration course by Vista College takes only 100 weeks. The program has a new intake every 5 weeks. The course allows you to learn some of the most crucial skills in the management of small businesses. The units include strategic management, production and operations management, business computer information systems, and human resource management. 

Vista College has incorporated instructors from some of the iconic businesses in the country. These tutors are practicing experts, giving you viable and the best tips. It opens doors for graduates to start own businesses, compete for entry-level jobs, and advance to other business-related degrees. You will require $14,500 to complete the course. Find more on how to write business assignments while studying.

Purdue University Global Associate of Applied Science in Small Business Management

Purdue University Global has been teaching online for years. It has the experience and expertise to deliver the best experience. The university has also captured the attention of educationists with its tuition cap policy. You do not have to pay more once you hit a particular payment point, even though you could be having several untouched units. The policy makes your fee predictable, helping you to plan easily. 

The associate is accredited by ACBSP Global Business Accreditation. The special attention given to small businesses makes it rewarding for entrepreneurs. It takes a 10-weeks learning session format and has several start dates in a year. You will pay $15,000 to complete the course. 

Many other associate programs help entrepreneurs and students interested in business studies to establish a footing. Choose an associate program with the units that will solve your business management challenges. A review of the content, learning methods, and fees will help you to make a better choice. 


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