All you need to know about Gear Cutting Process

MillingCutterHobbingInvolute 2
MillingCutterHobbingInvolute 2

The method of machining used to build a gear is the gear cutting process. After the forming process has finished, the process of gear cutting is done, and materials such as metal, plastic, and wood are used to create the gear. The gear cutting tools is used to complete many transmission cutting processes. Whenever there is a need for gears in less time are, the gear cutting machines are used as they produce the most suitable cuts. The Gear cutting tools are used for manufacturing gears of several sizes and shapes, which also increases the efficiency in the production of gears.

Following is the list of different gear cutting processes:

  • Broaching: 

Slicing the broad gears or spline is accomplished by adopting the vertical broach tool. The broaching mechanism is suited to dent-shaped gear. This method is expensive because it can be applied at one time to fabricate a large number of gears. Broaching is the procedure whereby the teeth can be cut inside especially. In this procedure, the normal axis available is the Y-axis and rotary surface. Around the Y-axis, there is depth cut and around the rotary table, there is an indexed shape cutting by the gear cutting machine

  • Hobbing:

The hob is used to cut the teeth in the hobbing process and is the most commonly used process to shorten the gears. The hob must complete one revolution to build the teeth of any gear. The hobbing process is used with the help of a master hob or index hob to produce spur and helical types of gear. The hobbing technique is best for a medium amount of production but often used for all sizes.

  • Milling or grinding: 

The milling process is used for manufacturing helical gear on a manual machine. The helical gear must be from a true indexing fixture. The indexing fixture must rotate in the set ratio as the table shifts about the X-axis, and then at once receives the original purpose of the tool. A rack shaped cutter is one of the cutters used to cut gears

  • Shaping:

The Shaping process of trimming back the gears is one of the smoothest and the oldest method of slicing the gears. In this, the same continuous plane, the rotational technique is used for cutting the gears. In this process gear blank is mounted in the shaper by using a tool shaped like a tooth that is to be cut, and this procedure is mostly used for cutting the internal splines. The gear cutting machine uses the pinion shaped cutter is used to complete the process of shaping.  

  • Finishing:

In the process of gear cutting finishing, shaving, brushing, honing, and lapping is done to cut gears.

The gear cutting processes incorporates from the broaching to finishing that is completed with the gear cutting machines. On that point ought to be the gear cutting machines alongside gear shaper cutters with the goal that quality gears are being cut and the best gears are accessible in the market that will increase the goodwill and the proficiency of the establishment. 


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