A rundown to the toilet vanity unit in UK

WC Toilet Unit
WC Toilet Unit

Vanity units are an important part of the design of your bathroom, which needs consideration when looking at a new toilet vanity unit. You do not have to be vigilant about plumbing in terms of vanities because they do not have working pieces as well as tapware or toilet suites. Vanities are primarily about the room you have and the creation and how your bathroom will be affected. 

The modern vanity unit is…

  • Vanities are available in various colours, shapes, and weights. Hung wall vanities in homes are nowadays more common due to the modern design but standing floor valves are still the ‘standard’. One of the major advantages of hanging wall vanities is that they can establish a bathroom sense of space. 
  • When you have a tiny bathroom, wall mounted vanity will support the idea that the bigger the space appears, the more floor is noticeable. It might also be a smart idea to find a wall mounted toilet pot with the cistern concealed in the wall while you are implementing this technique. Wall hanging vanities look ‘new’ and ‘chic,’ but a floor standing vanity will fit well if it does not suit your bathroom. They are modern vanities in design with an immense advantage of room.

Trendier vanities have large deep drawers to store hairdryers and similar goods; for these styles and functions, flooring vanities have more spaces. 

Sizes of modern vanities 

The sizes of use are some 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, and 1500 mm with ready-made vanity devices. Much smaller than that, vanities are suitable for a small powder room or guest toilets. For instance, the Dante vanity line has a 400 mm vanity bathroom that is beautiful and compact for a small bathroom area. 

You can make it custom to the right size in your bathroom, of course. There are a few things to consider when you decide to go with this option: 

  1. Make sure you are confident and in hand for the vanity basin if the vanity top must be cut to order. The manufacturers of the tank will not ensure that the tank size is right to the limit, and for someone to throw away a costly stone top is rather odd and unwise, only because the tank does not fit properly.
  2. Similarly, make it easy to change all colours, measurements and specifications, as custom vanities can be hard to repair if a problem occurs. Keep all necessary records and receipts in hand to show that the issue must be fixed if it is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Colours of modern vanities 

The colour is another significant part of your vanity’s interior design. White is a common colour today for a vast majority of vanities, but you can take a focus on your bathroom with other options. The colour scheme is comprehensive, and it is certainly worth testing if you are personalised for your bathroom in vanity. There are also several colours in the Royal bathrooms bathroom vanity units UK collection, readymade.

Material of modern vanities 

There are two key materials that have vanity tops in the bathroom which are polymarble which china, which is a common choice for stone. With respect to the disparity entre polymer and china tops, China is generally considered better, but not always. china is better. Polymarble is a manmade polyurethane resin composite blend, and china is a natural vitreous porcelain product. Both materials are durable and rely on the buyer / user for preference. Polymarble is usually less costly but can be easily scratched and does not appear to be “new” in comparison with China. 

The installation 

Before purchasing your vanity, the position of the pipes is another thing to remember. It could keep you from getting a hanging vanity wall if you do not want pipes to be seen, if your pipework goes through the floor. Likewise, you must be mindful that the pipes are angled into the form of a ‘s’ pipe to fit from the panel to the wall, taking up plenty of storage space. 

Vanity is one of the most exciting buys in the renovation of the bathroom because they can have an immense effect on the room design. Taking these few helpful tips seriously and you will easily buy your new vanity bathroom.


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