Why Should You Choose Organic over Regular Tea?

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If you have been a consumer for a good chunk of your lives and with the advent of teas going organic, you might wonder if there’s really any difference between purchasing organic tea in place of non-organic tea. Add to that, the fact that non-organic tea is pocket-friendly and easily available in comparison to organic tea in Australia or anywhere else. 

Whether you choose to purchase loose leaf tea or packaged fine tea, the non-organic version is far cheaper than the organic version. 

So, why make the switch to organic? 

Here’s why! 

  • For Your Health

Non-Organic products are typically rinsed before consumption; however, loose leaf tea is not meant to be washed prior to being air-dried and packaged into tea bags. The very first time that tea should come into contact with any sort of water ideally should be when it gets steeped in one’s cup. Tea loses a major chunk of its goodness and flavour based on this process of washing the leaves. If you go for organic tea leaves or buy any organic tea in Australia, be rest assured that you don’t have to worry about your tea leaves being washed to take off the toxins and pesticides that non-organic tea leaves are cultivated using. 

Tea is the preferred choice of beverage for its health benefits and its unique taste. Countering both these elements by growing tea leaves in a non-organic setup is pointless. Non-organic tea leaves, on the other hand, contain many chemical substances, some of which is banned based on the country one imports it to. 

  • For the Health of the Workers Growing the Tea

Working a field all day that’s been dusted with a variety of harmful chemicals and breathing in all the harmful fumes of these chemicals sprayed, can cause serious dearth to one’s health conditions. In the race to cultivate bigger tea leaf crops, the unsafe use of herbicides can take a major toll on the health of the farmers and workers in the field. Ailments caused due to frequency in exposure to these harmful substances can cause a series of side-effects in the long run. These side-effects can vary from rashes, inability to breath well, nausea, to many chronic illnesses that could result in damage of the lungs due to its fumes or cancer.

Just as fair pay is a human right for every worker in the field, so is having a safe working environment. Organic farming practices benefit field workers by providing them with a chemical-free environment and a steady supply of water that wasn’t polluted with chemicals in it that doesn’t further pollute the air and bigger bodies of water.  

  • For the Sake of the Environment’s Health

Sure, chemicals are used to control the pests and insects that affect the growth of crops such as tea leaves. They, however, can also potentially harm wildlife. While one farm’s non-organic loose leaf tea, it endangers many living beings by polluting the earth and its water waterbodies with polluted water that seeps into the ground and also evaporates to form acid rain later and pollute the masses of humankind and wildlife. 

These are the primary reasons why one should shift from buying non-organic tea leaves and stick to buying organic tea in Australia that come from loose leaf teas purchased from organic tea wholesale suppliers. 


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