Why Should You Avoid Upgrading Your Phones Frequently?

Why Should You Avoid Upgrading Your Phones Frequently
Why Should You Avoid Upgrading Your Phones Frequently

As trivial as it may seem on the surface, smartphones today have almost become a status symbol. Owning the latest iPhone model, or a high-end, premium smartphone from top brands like Samsung and OnePlus has become a matter of pride and prestige. In 2017, Counterpoint Research conducted a consumer survey, randomly selecting 3,500 respondents from all continents, and revealed that Indian consumers changed or upgraded their smartphones once every 20 months, with the global average being 21 months.

Furthermore, Indian consumers also revealed that they were looking for a smartphone with better memory, storage and battery capacity, with the three parameters driving their desire to upgrade their existing smartphones. Another interesting insight from the survey was that almost one in three respondents wanted a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, along with a better selfie camera, with the two features topping their list of ‘must-have’ features in their new smartphone. 

The ‘91mobiles Smartphone Buyer Insights Study 2019’ shed more light on the priorities and behavioural insights of Indian consumers. 38 percent of the respondents answered that they upgrade their smartphones every year, while 33.6 percent of the consumers answered that they usually upgrade their phones between one to two years. Considering the fact that newer smartphone models come with marginal upgrades, one could argue that spending money on new smartphone models every year is not worth the price.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid upgrading your smartphone every 12-18 months.

  1. Don’t Get Caught Up in the Hype

Whenever brands roll out with new models, the commercials and ad campaigns for the new phone would make you believe that they are indeed far superior to your existing mobile phone. However, it is important that you do not get carried away, and fall prey to the hype machine. If you have recently purchased a smartphone, it is recommended that you wait for a year or two before purchasing a new model.

Some of the top mobile brands in India, such as Xiaomi, Realme and Samsung provide feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices. That said, while brands unveil upgraded models every year, they aren’t very different from their previous models. They might come with the latest processor, or higher megapixel count of their primary camera, but it would take at least a couple of upgrades for the model to significantly differ from its predecessors.

  1. New Smartphones are Expensive

Flagship phones from Apple and Samsung, such as the iPhone X/11 series or the Samsung Galaxy 10/20 series are high-end, premium smartphones that needn’t be upgraded for at least 2-3 years. High-end premium phones are expensive, and if your existing smartphone is working properly without any issues, then there is no realistic need to purchase a new smartphone. 

If your smartphone isn’t working properly, or if it is facing any hardware or software issues, then you can go for a smartphone from brands like Xiaomi and Realme. These brands offer feature-rich phones under 20000, such as Realme X2, Poco X2 and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, which come with impressive cameras, faster processors and higher RAM size, and are better alternatives to flagship models that would put a dent in your savings.

  1. Wait for a Year to Buy a 5G Handset

If the reason you want to purchase a new smartphone is to upgrade to a 5G-enabled handset, then it is recommended that you wait for a few months before making the purchase. Considering the fact that the prices of 5G-enabled phones are expected to come down with the unveiling of OnePlus Nord, one can expect more brands to roll out with cheaper 5G smartphones in the coming months. 

Furthermore, it would take at least another year to develop the infrastructure for 5G in the country, and for the telecom service providers to purchase the 5G spectrum and conduct trials before rolling out with 5G network. Thus, it would be a wise decision to wait for a few more months before purchasing a 5G smartphone.


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