What are the root causes of Canon Printer Offline issue? Also write down the solutions to fix this issue ?

Canon Printer

Canon printer offline troubleshooting is very simple for us. Also, since the error has been annoying you a great deal, we have chosen to share our totally working answers to give you the best Canon printer offline help.

This blog will present to you different reasons for Canon printers offline to comprehend what precisely is the issue with your printing gadget. At that point we will give you 5 diverse Canon printer offline fixes adhered to by clear directions. We will likewise guide you when Canon printers are offline on Windows 10.


It might be useful for you to realize that there can be a few reasons for why your Canon printer says offline. In this aspect of the blog, we will disclose to you 4 reasons for Canon printer offline among which the most common one is the defective network. Some of the time, your network association may not be working effectively. At different occasions, it might be working fine however the association might not have been made accurately.

The second reason for the Canon printer offline is the choice of “Utilization of printer offline ” in your framework. At the point when this alternative has been empowered, it might delay the printing status or make your printer offline. A printer driver not being introduced accurately can be the third reason for this blunder. Notwithstanding that, your gadget can be offline when the printer driver has been introduced, however isn’t the most recent one.

We simply read the potential reasons for what reason the Canon printer state disconnected. Presently, we will take a gander at the 5 distinctive Canon printer offline fixes.

Reconnect Device to Wi-Fi

A simple fix for this sort of Canon printer offline error is to reconnect the gadget to the wifi switch. Beneath we have demonstrated the 5 stages to reconnect it.

1. Find the wifi button on your Canon printer and press it.

2. Continue holding it until the wifi light starts to flicker.

3. At the point when you see the wifi light flickering blue consistently, press the WPS button of the switch.

4. While the accessible organizations are being looked at and getting associated with the passageways, the light will continue flickering.

5. When the gadget gets associated, the light will remain on.

Utilizing this strategy, you will have the option to bring your Canon printer offline to online rapidly.

Restart Print Spooler

At the point when you get the “Canon printer is offline” message, you can clear it by restarting the print spooler service. For those of you considering what print spooler is, let us reveal to you that this service is liable for overseeing print jobs given to the printing gadget.

Figure out how to restart the print spooler administration in 11 stages.

1. On your framework, press the “Windows” key along with the “R” key to open the “Run” exchange box.

2. Presently, type “services.msc” in “Run” and hit the “Enter” key.

3. A window with various administrations will open up. Tap on any assistance and press the “P” key.

4. Continue holding the key and the “Print spooler” will get featured.

5. Next, you need to right-tap on the “Print Spooler” administration and select “Properties”. 

6. At that point, go to the “General” tab. Under the “Service status”, find and snap the alternative “Stop” and afterward press “ok”. 

7. The service will get briefly incapacitated. Presently, you need to eliminate the printer records. For this, visit the “Windows Explorer” and go to “C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS”.

8. Snap on “start” in the event that you are provoked for authorization.

9. Next, select and eliminate all the documents and afterward close the window.10. By and by opening the “General” tab and clicking on “Start”.

11. Change the “Startup type” of the print spooler to “software” and snap “ok”.

12. The last advance is to reboot your framework.

13. The “canon printer is offline” message will have been cleared at this point.

Disable Use Printer Offline Option

At the point when your Canon printer shows up offline, you can utilize this accommodating fix of impairing the alternative of “Use Printer Offline” to take it back to the web based printing status. 

1. Press the “Start” button of your framework’s console and afterward click on “Control Panel”.

2. Find and snap on “Equipment and Sound”.

3. The subsequent stage is to tap on “Gadgets and Printers”.

4. Presently, right-click on your Canon printer and pick the choice of “See what’s printing”.

5. After this, click on “Printer”. In the drop-down menu, you will discover the choice of “Use printer offline “. Uncheck it.

6. At that point click on “Drop all archives”.

7. Presently reconnect your Canon printer and provide a print order to guarantee that the Canon printer offline error has been fixed.

Update Printer Driver

Updating the printer driver has demonstrated to be powerful for Canon printer offline troubleshooting. Along these lines, in this fix, we will reveal to you how to update the Canon printer driver in 6 steps.

1. On your framework, press the “Windows” key and the “R” key.

2. When the “Run” exchange box gets opened, type “msc” and afterward press the “Enter” key.

3. At that point, go to the “Gadget Manager” and open the sub-menu “Print lines”.

4. Right-click on the printer equipment and afterward select the choice “Update driver”.

5. You will be incited with the inquiry “How would you like to look for drivers?” Select the alternative “Peruse my PC for driver programming” to proceed.

6. After the Canon printer driver has been updated, you need to reboot your framework.

Uncheck SNMP Status Enabled Option SNMP or the Simple Network

The executives Protocol is useful in gathering the data from printers and afterward overseeing them. If you want to know more about Canon printer goes offline, so you can easily visit the given link. Handicapping the alternative of “SNMP status empowered” can be an incredible fix when your Canon printer says disconnected.

On the off chance that you don’t have a clue how to change Canon printer status from disconnected to on the web, at that point you can examine these 5 fast advances given here.

 1. Discover the Canon printer gadget symbol and right-click on it.

2. Select “Properties” and afterward click on “Ports”.

3. The subsequent stage is to tap “Design Port”.

4. Presently, you will see “SNMP status empowered” and a checkbox alongside it. Uncheck it and afterward press “alright”.

5. After the change gets applied, close this window. The error will have been settled at this point.

How will you fix Canon Printer Offline issues on Windows 10? 

In this part, we will enlighten you concerning the Canon printer offline issues on windows 10 of every 4 easy advances:

1. Guarantee that you are utilizing the right Canon printer software.

2. Physically set your printer to be online by tapping on the “Control Panel” and afterward choosing “Gadget Manager”. At that point click on the “Printer” alternative and turn on the online mode.

3. Presently go to “Start” and run the “Troubleshooting Tool”. Permit the entire framework to be examined. Any issues found will be naturally fixed.

 4. In the event that your printer isn’t refreshed, open “Run”, key in “msc”, open the sub-menu “Print lines”, at that point right-click on “Printer equipment”, and select “Update driver”.

Conclusion: From various causes to various arrangements, we revealed to you everything about the Canon printer offline issue in this blog. We hope you found out our arrangement of guidelines simple to follow.


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