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If you are an entrepreneur, then you need a strong online presence.

To create a robust online presence and improve your brand awareness you will need a highly functional website and web app.

However, just having an online presence is not enough, as the new-age customers want businesses to keep abreast of the latest trends and offer them a greater value for their money.

If you fail to incorporate the latest technology and features in your website or web app, then you will fall short of their expectations and they will find your brand irrelevant.

To avoid such a situation you must choose a web developer who is well aware of the latest trends relating to web development framework.

This will allow them to keep your website features and design in sync with the latest developments.

However, multiple web development frameworks are available online, and if you are a non-technical person, then you would find it very hard even to know where to begin.

To help you in this task, we have listed some of the most popular web app frameworks from which you can choose one that would fulfil your unique needs.

Top five server-side web app framework to choose from


If you want to build a high-quality web app, then you cannot go wrong with Django.

This is one of the most popular web app frameworks in the market that was created to deal with the insane newsroom deadlines.

This server-side framework uses Python language. It gives the web developers a huge advantage and helps them to create highly functional web apps that would be suited for your business.

Some of the advantages that Django brings to the table include the following.

·         It can automatically generate an admin panel.

·         It offers a high level of security.

·         It is a full-featured framework.

·         Extremely versatile.

·         It supports most of the popular operating system and is quite easy to use.

·         It supports the MVC paradigm.

·         It enjoys huge community support.

Thanks to all these advantages, you will find many well-known web apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and Quora use it as their server-side framework. 


This framework is an excellent choice if you want to build a highly efficient website or web app that is lightweight on the resources.

This fantastic framework works perfectly with real-time applications that use a humongous amount of data through distributed devices.

It is used for fast network applications and is quite easy when dealing with multiple applications at the same time without creating any lag in their performance.

Some of the advantages of Node.js that make it so popular among web app developers are as follows.

·         It offers easy scalability.

·         It is easy to learn.

·         It is used as a single programming language.

·         It performs as a full-stack, JavaScript that can be used both for the client-side as well as server-side applications.

·         It offers higher performance.

·         It also has large community support.

·         It offers the advantage of caching, single modules.

·         It can respond to several requests simultaneously.

Thanks to all these advantages, it is used by many well-known web apps like PayPal, Netflix, Uber and many more.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that is blazingly fast and easy to learn which makes it the legitimate choice for creating websites or web apps.

Some of the benefits that you will get if you use Ruby on Rails as your server-side framework to develop web apps are as follows.

·         It is free.

·         It is built on MVC architecture.

·         Allows change without any hassle.

·         Very secure.

·         Good performance.

·         It is combined with third-party libraries that allow you to add features to your web application much faster.

·         It follows standardised file storage and programming conventions.

·         A large number of plug-ins

·         Good community support.

Due to all these benefits websites like Hulu, Airbnb, Basecamp among a host of others use it for their websites and web apps.

Cake PHP

The PHP framework is ideal for creating an e-commerce website and apps.

This framework works on the MCV model that makes it highly efficient and very fast.

The popularity of this framework is for many reasons, one of which include reusing the codes of old projects, thereby saving a lot of time when you are trying to create a new app by replacing the old one.

·         It is an open-source platform therefore free to use.

·         It allows reusability of codes.

·         No reconfiguration is required.

·         It supports MVC pattern.

·         It comes with inbuilt validation.

·         It features object-oriented programming.

·         It implements CRUDE functionality

Some of the important players in the market that use cake PHP as their chosen framework include BMW, Hyundai and many more.


If you are looking for a robust, efficient and open source PHP based framework for your e-commerce website, then you should choose Laravel.

This framework comes with a dedicated dependency manager that offers great help in application deployment and maintenance.

Some of the advantages of this full-stack framework include the following.

·         Authentication and authorisation system.

·         It allows integration with mail services.

·         It is great at configuration error and exception handling.

·         It provides automation testing work.

·         It offers URL routing configuration.

Some of the popular web applications that are based on this powerful framework include Watchseries.cr, Laravel Tricks, World Walking and many more.


The article has shown that web app framework allows you to not only create but also maintain server-side code.

In this article, you have come to know about the five top server-side frameworks available in the market and the criteria for choosing the best web app framework.

In the end, we can say that all the frameworks we have mentioned here have some unique qualities and have extensive community support that will become crucial when you are developing a web app.

To choose the right web app framework, you must look at the application requirement, the skill of the web app developer and your budget. 


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