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Anna Kendrick

Alright welcome back to another movie reviews 2 go and today I’ve got Brigitte with me we’re going to be reviewing the movie trolls we got to see an early screening of Am I right. So i wasn’t so excited to see it i mean the reason why is because I’ve been excited about a lot of the animated shows this year but you guys were excited from the trailers in the middle the general record. 

They showed it being ish movie like kind of good but not out your favorite alright so you were I mean you’re looking forward to it but not really yeah we’re going to talk to you guys about what we thought and then get her opinion. Now that’s we’ve seen it because we have different thoughts about right good in collision course the ice age maybe he said you didn’t like it but when never gather all like it yeah. Also Read- Troll Names

So we’ll see I mean we’re going to a kid’s perspective and then adults perspective this is the movie trolls with anna kendrick justin timberlake is got zooey deschanel Russell Brand john cleese James Corden etc etc etc it’s got tons of actors in it. You’ll recognize a lot of them I didn’t even know I i think the no doubt girl was in this movie to writers whatever-her-name-is everybody’s so this movie is basically about these trolls and this was created. 

If you know this is a guy from Denmark made up these trolls like little wooden chose with the hair that sticks at me all the fucking here and that’s what this is about they made a cartoon movie about this toy your ugly toys they’re like creepy thing yeah seriously but they did it made by the same people that did panda country panda check tracking check one two and three and four whatever money they are the same guys DreamWorks. Also Read- Demon Names

They did this one and I didn’t even know that going into the movie but like i said i was going in with one thought and I end up like you normally are you Amy so let me guess just some questions because we’re going to interview a kid about the movie then I’ll tell you my thoughts to what was the best part of the movie now remember this is a spoiler free so we don’t want to give away anything you know spoilers. 

So what was it was part of the movie when they were camping at this one part in the movie to get to the place where they would again the whole movie and it the conflict happened it had a lot of funny parts yeah there’s a lot of funny stuff in the movie there’s a lot of music in the movie that’s part of that was amazing but I didn’t know that going into it did you I mean watching the trailers do you get the that did you think I was gonna be like a musical now no did you like any of the songs in the movie. 

I like all songs pretty much they were all some of them were funny and just like extra ones added in to be junk and then the others were like oh yeah songs that you would want to listen to you and then at the end it ended up being go but they were fun and there’s a lot of classic stuff in there there’s a lot of new stuff in there yes I mean Garfunkel had a song they’re so is it was really fun as far as the music is concerned we’re saying we didn’t know I didn’t know there’s gonna be music in this and I’m actually glad because sometimes with these cartoons. 

They’ll do like one or maybe two songs but this was actually music from beginning to end and that’s fun first his music and then the middle height of life song then at the end it had more yeah I was surprised about that not knowing what it was it was also with that because it says carols and three main things like singing dancing and hugging yeah did you enjoy the story of the movies that you understand the story and curate the story.

The story is really simple soul is easy for you that’s good that’s one of the things that I worry about these kids movies are animated movies i saw cooling the two strings and you know what that’s a confusing story for a kid and I don’t know if the movie indian was marketed for adults teenagers orchids but if you want to go see I I think you’d have a hard time understanding what’s going on maybe I don’t know you got this one and I think it works I think little kids can watch this right yeah like you could look at vintage that you understand. 

What it was even is six years old and up you watch that movie you’re going to get this movie I mean it that’s the fun part is it was good the way they told the story basically so and then would you watch it again yes I wanted to watch it again like it will add a loud yeah hey we watched it yesterday if you want to watch it again yeah you know what this is definitely moving think we’re gonna buy we’re gonna definitely on a blu-ray so I think you guys should watch it if you’re looking to to take your kids to something this weekend trolls definitely go see it.

It’s fun it’s got music it’s got a great story it’s got everything that he can go to work I think DreamWorks have another meeting they did come for Panish wrecking all this one well things are going good no trolls she likes it. I wanted not cookies going to do up know that thanks again for coming thanks for Bridget for being here and giving us a kid’s perspective on the movie. 


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