Top Strategies To Enjoy Uninterrupted Revenue With A Taxi App Like Uber

Top Strategies for Taxi App Like Uber
Top Strategies for Taxi App Like Uber

Are you familiar with one prime factor that can bring about a revolution in any industry? It is inevitably the customer convenience that pushes entrepreneurs to come up with unique ideas and strategies. The taxi industry is no exception to the above statement. Looking back at its century-long existence, the taxi industry has evolved with the people’s needs. 

What seemed easy a few decades back appears to be time-consuming and tiring. Waving hands and availing yellow cabs is gradually declining. The advent of Uber meant a paradigm shift in the way taxis operate. Instead of people depending on yellow cabs, an online medium takes care of the entire supply-demand concept hassle-free. On-demand taxi apps, bridging the gap between drivers and riders, has become an integral part of our lives. 

Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to generate a steady income through your business by launching a taxi app like Uber? By the end of this blog, you’ll get well-acquainted with the strategies that can enhance your taxi platform’s sustainability, leading to consistent income. 

Know why competitors are failing

A successful entrepreneur learns from others’ mistakes, staying cautious of what lies ahead in the sector. Although the taxi sector experiences thousands of apps launched each month, only a handful of them are gaining success. This situation leads us to the state where the taxi app needs to be perfect to register a place in customers’ smartphones. Some of the reasons why taxi apps fail are, 

  • Lack of clarity: The platform owner must have an eye over the entire activity of the app, be it customer relations, disputes, etc. Those entrepreneurs who venture into the field without having a clear visualization tend to lose credibility. As soon as a taxi business loses credibility, it doesn’t take long to dig its own grave. 
  • No balance between supply and demand: Connecting the right customers with the right drivers at the right time is crucial for a taxi app. In most situations, either the demand is abundant, leading passengers to look out for alternatives to avoid surge pricing. The vice versa is very much a possibility, with drivers signing up other platforms where there is consistent demand.
  • Poor customer service: Besides integrating a ratings and reviews feature, most entrepreneurs fail to upgrade the system from time-to-time based on customer service. In due course, the platform loses its trustworthiness, wherein customers neglect the ride-hailing services. 

Ensuring that your taxi platform doesn’t fall under these categories is vital to prevail in the market, where there is already neck-to-neck competition. 

Decide on your revenue models

Running out of funds is a common term in an entrepreneur’s dictionary. To avoid such an undesirable situation, it is advisable to decide on the ways of generating income. These revenue models include, 

  • Commission fees: For every payment made by the passenger for the taxi ride, you receive a part of the driver’s payment as a commission fee. 
  • Subscription charges: Enable users to unlock the premium version of the app to enjoy enticing benefits by paying the subscription charges monthly/yearly. 
  • Surge pricing: Capitalize on the region’s demand for taxis by levying surge pricing, usually 1.5x or 2x the original value. 
  • In-app advertisements: All you have to do is display third-party ad banners in your site and generate charges based on clicks, impressions, and many more. 

Deciding on the perfect revenue models can pave the way for a steady income throughout the app’s longevity. 

Integrate customer-centric features 

It is the customers that decide your platform’s success. Hence, never miss out on opportunities to lure the audience towards your site through enticing features. Some of the customer-centric features include, 

  • In-app chat/call: Customers can establish communication with drivers to provide special instructions if any. 
  • Offers & Discounts: Customers can view the available offers and discounts, thereby applying them during their rides. 
  • Multiple payment options: Customers should have the option of paying via a multitude of payment gateways, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, etc. 
  • Multi-lingual support: Customers can access the app with the language of their choice. This way, you can break the language barrier and provide a global presence for your taxi platform. 
  • Push notifications: To avoid anxiety among customers, ensure that the app provides regular reminders in the form of push notifications. 

Do not forget to implement these strategies

There are specific strategies that can make your Uber clone app from just another taxi app to an extraordinary app. Let’s discuss a few strategies here, 

  • Have a simple and intuitive app design: A majority of your customers get annoyed with a complex app design. Hence, make sure that your app has a simple and informative UI/UX, guiding users towards your services with ease. 
  • Devise a marketing strategy: The only way to ensure sustainability is by reaching out to the target audience. Hence, devising a well-organized marketing strategy that includes both pre and post-launch campaigns can come in handy. 
  • Make your app cross-platform compatible: You cannot expect your customers to access your services only through a dedicated Android or an iOS app. While your budget for app development increases with this cross-platform compatibility, you can engage users more easily with this functionality. 


Taxi apps are evergreen. People will inevitably need taxis for their daily commute, owing to their enhanced comfort. Do not hesitate to invest in an on-demand taxi platform, but make sure that your app is the best one out there. These strategies, if implemented extensively, can aid you in establishing a successful Uber clone app. 

Reach out to an expert app development company like Appdupe, visualize your ideas and requirements, and launch your taxi app like Uber right away! 

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Jennifer Atkinson is a tech enthusiast and startup advisor helping new and potential startups to reach out to maximum customers for a successful launch. Also, she is a spokesperson giving advice and pointers for entrepreneurs and startups to easily launch a successful startup.


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