To have Fun in Grand Canyon National Park

Canyon National Park
Canyon National Park

Thrilled with the 7 natural wonders of the world? Here we take one of them away from the mysterious and charming Grand Canyon National Park. Still undiscovered how old it is, the Grand Canyon is a natural wonder. Located in the northwestern quadrant of Arizona, it boasts of vast expanses, spectacular rock formation, and a beautiful stretch of ridges. And it does not surprise us that it is a globally prestigious destination. If you also want to visit this park, get your flights booked by JetBlue Airlines Reservations and go here.

You can spend hours here just by admiring the thoughts. Needless to say, this tourist destination holds many wonders and activities for you. Here is what to do in the National Ghats National Park-

Start at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Start your journey by being in the center of information for newbies. Here you can know what interesting journey you are taking. Both outdoor and indoor performances include videos and films featuring various areas of the Grand Canyon. It’s like a warm-up to come! 

River rafting

Consider looking at the Grand Canyon from a unique point of view. One of the adventure white water experiences is rafting down the Colorado River. It is enticing and offers a new side to travel. If you don’t want to jump into this action-action-packed performance, you can have some less adventurous, amusing recreation, like half-day or full-day trips to the northeastern region of the valley on calm waters. On the western side, between Diamond Creek and Lake Mead where the river is rough, you can make a spectacular expedition.

Skip to the main view

The Grand Canyon is a photographer’s paradise. There are endless options from where you can capture your best photos. See the glorious sunset or the magic of nature or the incredible backdrop, here are the best spots to explore these-

  • Bright Angel Point
  • Hopi Point
  • Grand Canyon South Rim
  • lipstick point
  • Grandview Point
  • Yavapai observation station

Join mule trip

A journey that is both royal and fearless is the journey of the mule. South Rim trips are more popular with tourists and thus are packed throughout the year, while North Rim mule trips are only available from mid-May to October.

Stunned at Havasu Falls

One of the grand waterfalls in the Grand Canyon is Havasu Falls. It is a stark contrast to the arid desert and lush greenery, making it an attractive tropical paradise. It offers an amazing view of mesmerizing orange-blue water falling over orange, travertine rocks, a stunning oasis. But to reach this eye-catching green-blue waterfall, you have to travel 10 miles. Nevertheless, there are crowds of tourists who voluntarily participate in this adventurous work of pre and post journey. Horseback and helicopter are other options to get here.

Unique horseshoe twist look

A spectacular view set in the Colorado River provides visitors with a beautiful landscape never seen before. At the horseshoe bend, when you stand on the edge of the valley, the incredible view of the river will mesmerize you. Add experience with New Antelope Canyon and Glen Canyon on a day itinerary.

Go to the black suspension bridge

Exiting the tunnel is located just above Boat Beach in the Phantom Wrench, a trek through the Black Suspension Bridge. It connects the North Rim to the South Rim via the Kaib Trail. Established in 1928, it is one of the few bridges to cross the Colorado River and is the first safe passage between North and South Kaib. It is famous among mule riders and rim-to-rim hikers. Also, the view 65 meters above the river is breathtaking.

Drive through the desert view

One of the champion roads in terms of stunning scenery is Desert View Drive. Another name for Arizona Highway 64, the road runs from the Grand Canyon Village, formerly the Desert View Services Area up to 25 miles (40 km) along the Canyon Rim. Across the way, you can stop at vantage points such as Pipe Creek Vista, Yaki Point, Duck on a Rock, Grandview Point, Desert View, and more which gives a panoramic view. There are four picnic areas to lengthen and relax your back. Get a touch of history at the Tunisian Museum and ruins site. Book your flight quickly with JetBlue Reservations.

Participate in electrification air travel

Want to try something on top of the world? Epic air travel in the Grand Canyon provides an enchanted bird-eye view. Without any hassle, you discover the huge panorama of this place. Starting at the top of the rims gives an unseen view over hundreds of miles, and slowly takes you down the canyon rim – the trip is all you can ask for. Take a view of the Grand Canyon, and an aerial tour over Lake Mead, the northern edge of the Marble Valley. Keep your eyes closed for the scene as you look at a close encounter of rock formations older than a million years.

Are camping

With a combination of fun, adventure and romance, set up your camping site while you travel in the Grand Canyon. It is refreshing and rejuvenating as you soak in the laid back nature. Spend your day in peace with friends and family. The North Rim Campground, Jacob Lake Campground, Trailer Village and Desert View Campground have spectacular campgrounds in both the North and South Rims.

Indulged in stargazing

One of the most delightful activities so far is to gaze at the amazing stars in the sky. It is a dream come true to spend a night with your partner under the star-sky.


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