Tips when remodelling the kitchen

jason briscoe 7MAjXGUmaPw unsplash
jason briscoe 7MAjXGUmaPw unsplash

So that you can prepare your food comfortably, you should make sure when planning the kitchen that the areas to the left and right of the stove are generously dimensioned. Practical pull-outs on the stove are handy so that you always have spices, oils, cookware, and perhaps even your favourite foods such as pasta or rice at hand.

Last but not least, you should adjust your new kitchen to your height, more precisely your elbow height. The optimal working height can be easily calculated: The distance between your angled forearm and the worktop should be between ten and 15 centimeters.

New body concepts, variable plinth heights, and wall-mounted cooking lines also enable different heights for people of different sizes, but also for ergonomic cooking and washing up. The top edge of the stove is the working height. So the cooktop is better ten to 15 centimeters lower than the kitchen worktop. In contrast, you’d better raise the area around the sink up to 15 centimeters so that you don’t wash off with a crooked back. Kitchen remodel walnut creek can help you redesign your place.

Not everyone who likes to cook and bake is granted a large kitchen with enough space. The problem is particularly well known in large cities with small apartments – for example, Paris, Barcelona or Berlin – life in a shoebox and small kitchens in which the mixing bowl and pan have to be playfully balanced so as not to land on the floor.


What can be compensated for in large kitchens by the brightness and room size is important in small kitchens? A completely open-plan kitchen quickly becomes messy because every centimeter of storage space has to be used – it appears to be “stuffed”. Closed base cabinets ensure a tidy look.


However, this does not apply to wall units: closed wall units quickly become bulky and overwhelming. These should either be built with a shallow depth or designed as an open shelf (e.g. as a board, as a metal bar with a hook or with a window bracket).


Built-in cabinets cannot always be integrated into small kitchens. Are all too often made initially romantic sloping ceilings or walls crooked blind spots that cannot be used in the field of cooking and baking? Hence our tip is work with the custom-made products of a carpenter or high-quality specialist like bathroom remodel walnut creek. They advise you so that inaccessible corners can still be used as storage space.


Extendable sub-shelves can be integrated not only in modular kitchens. If you integrate a roll container as a kitchen cupboard into a fixed kitchen cupboard wall, for example, you can pull it out and use the upper surface as a cutting surface (or serving trolley).


Small, narrow kitchens offer limited space in width – so why not build high? Tall cabinets or wall cabinets also offer maximum storage space, which is ideal for rarely used items such as the waffle iron. However, pay attention to the type of wall cabinets and kitchen shelves so that the room does not appear overloaded.


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