The Numerous Benefits of Choosing Polished Plaster

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The Numerous Benefits of Choosing Polished Plaster

If you have been thinking of renovating your space and want something that would be long-lasting, choose polished plaster. This kind of wall finish has numerous advantages as compared to other wall finishes. Not only are they easy to clean but do not fade or peel even after decades of being exposed to sun or the water.

Natural materials along with expert craftsmanship will create a durable and solid surface. You can get polished plaster in metallic, gray and stucco finishes that can be ideal for any home improvement project. 

Polished plaster is extremely Versatile in nature

The Polished plaster is considered one of the most versatile treatment options available for your walls. Other than being applied to any new surface, it can also be applied to pre-existing wall surface including wood, ceiling, drywall, tile, or brick walls. It can easily be applied on columns or in the archways to make your space appear elegant. 


The great thing about polished plaster is the fact that it is available in a vast array of finishes and color. It could either be glossy or matte, smooth, or textured. 

It could also resemble granite, stone, marble, or other kinds of natural patterns to match the aesthetic of your space. 

Easy to Maintain 

  • At times people opt for really expensive wall finishes which though looks decorous can be rather difficult to maintain. The polished plaster on the other hand is nearly effortless to maintain. This is because its structure is a composition of pre-mixed pigments which can last for a really long time without fading.  
  • This in turn eliminates the need to paint the walls every few years. Additionally, the plaster dries off very quickly making it easy to clean the exterior walls. It is the best way in which you can maintain any construction pattern and also get the best value for money. This means that moisture won’t be trapped under the surface unlike vinyl which may look nice but can be a problem later. 


Plaster dries off like a rock and offers exceptional durability which is why so many people choose it over other materials. Not only is polished plaster flexible but can also resist shrinking making it able to withstand any amount of impact without cracking or chipping.

 Other wall finishes can crack under such immense pressure. If you need to repair an imperfection, it can be done with little effort and cost without changing the large section of the wall. 


Not only would the polished plaster last you for a really long time but is interchangeable as well. Of course you don’t have to paint over it, but as it lends a smooth surface, it can be modified very easily. With very little cost, you can change a guest bedroom to a child’s nursery or can give your kitchen a much-needed makeover. You can keep mixing and matching things to complement your changing needs. 


If you have been thinking of making changes to your home in a sustainable way, plaster is the way to go. The ingredients are all non-toxic and natural and offer optimal air quality when two-three coats are applied. The PH level is generally high in lime, so it naturally repels bacteria and resists the growth of mildew or mould. 

All such factors result in health benefits which no other wall finishes provide.

The plaster would also lower your energy costs. Any type of polished plaster does not give rise to fumes and it can be used in a most seamless manner. Bathrooms, wet-rooms and walk-in showers can be decorated with this type of plaster. If you want something that conveys a sense of texture, durability and depth, plaster would be your ideal choice. 


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