The Equations for a Happy Life, Even During a Pandemic

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Happiness is a word that has more than one meaning. Everyone seems to have their own definition for it. What makes someone happy may not make someone else happy as well. So to be truly happy, one must find their own version of it.

It is often said that happiness lies in success. People believe that if you are successful, you will be the happiest person around. It is true that many a times when we successfully achieve something we worked for, we are highly satisfied. But does this mean we are happy? No. A person who runs a successful business can be lonely and upset as well. We must be told more often that success does not guarantee happiness.

What is it then? What gives us happiness? Aristotle had once said, “Happiness depends upon us.” So, it is safe to say that it varies with every person. Your source of happiness could be your family and friends. Your source of happiness could be your pet. Your source of happiness could also be doing something you really love to do, be it learning, traveling, sports, singing, dancing or even playing an instrument. What one must try to achieve in life, is find that source and cultivate it.

While it is always important to find happiness, it is especially important to do so today. The world is undergoing a huge crisis, which is called Covid-19. We now have to maintain several norms like wearing a mask and staying home unless it is absolutely necessary to step out. We have to communicate with the people we love and adore over virtual platforms instead of meeting them any time we want. We also have to make sure our family, especially the elders, are taken care of. Amidst these restrictions and huge responsibilities, it can get tiresome. Life may seem to be becoming mundane. This is the time which requires us to make everyone’s health and happiness high priority.

During this pandemic, most of us are separated from our loved ones, some of us do not have jobs and some of us who are highly dependent on social interaction are struggling to deal with the isolation. This is the time when everyone has to beat the obstacles and find something they truly like to do, in order to feel happy again. It is essential for us to discover ourselves and determine wherein our true happiness lies. A lot of people are resorting to creative things like cooking, painting, drawing and creating videos, while some are doing online courses and gaining additional knowledge. 

It should also be highlighted that no one should be pressurized to be productive. While some people could be utilizing this time to build their skills and their resume, some could just be sitting on their couch and binge-watching the shows they have been meaning to watch for long. This does not make the latter any less human than the former. Everyone has the right to do exactly what they want to. It may be productive, may not be productive, but if they feel it is worth it, that is enough. People should be able to do what makes them happy, regardless of how others perceive it. 

So, the secret to a happy life seems to be quite simple. If you find what you love, you must make time for it. You must make sure you make it one of your top priorities and help it grow with you. Regardless of what it is, and whether it is your profession or just a hobby, you must make it your life’s mission to never forget it. If you have not found what makes you happy yet, now is the best time to go ahead and look for it. Also make sure you are ready to make a life-long commitment to it, because that is what is going to ensure you are living the happiest life, now and in the future as well.



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