The Best of Women’s Party Wear Tops


How often does it happen that you have a fabulous party to attend but you have absolutely no idea what to wear? You have a closet full of clothes, but you end up repeating the same three outfits because you are comfortable? That’s mainly because often we don’t know what we want when it comes to women party wear tops. Understanding your style, occasion and the type of party top is essential in finding the perfect women party top, So let’s get started. 

Types of party tops-

There are numerous kinds of party tops that can be styled in a number of ways. Women party tops can be categorized on the basis of the type of fabric, design, and also on what’s trending. Sequin tops are perfect for dancing parties where you have to rock the dance floor and woo everyone with your fashion sense. Lace tops are for elegant, romantic evenings and fancy dinners. Lace can be floral, geometrical, or even abstract. Lace tops come in various patterns and styles. One-shoulder tops with elongated sleeves can be styled for a formal evening. You can pair it up with tailored pants for a corporate occasion. Once you are able to distinguish between the types of women party tops, the next thing is to decide what will suit you the best. 

Style for the occasion

The key to styling women party wear tops is to keep in mind the place and the occasion. You don’t want to show up too overdressed or rather underdressed, which is why styling to the occasion becomes essential. If it’s a formal event then stick to the basics-black, white and beige. Elegant embroidered tops paired with sleek skirts can be another option. Accessorizing is the key here. Go for minimal jewelry in pearl or diamonds. 

White Scalloped top -0

If the occasion is kind of casual like a house party or with a group of close friends, then opt for a simple yet sexy party wear top. You can select from simple cold-shoulder and crop women party wear tops. They are comfy and casual. Accessorize minimally to keep it simple. 

For night parties, the focus should be to look a glamorous as one can. Satin tops, backless tops. Sexy party wear tops, and even sequin halter tops will work for this event. You can even wear a revealing bralette and layer it up with a sequin or blingy jacket. Dangling earring and statement jewelry with high heels will do wonders to your overall outfit. 

Glamorous Friday Night Top -2

If you are on a vacation, then you want to rock those destination party wear tops. Mesh tops, crochet tops and fringed tops are perfect for a beach party. If you are on a cruise, then opt for exaggerated statement tops, like bow tops, puffed tops etc.   

For your body shape

Straight Body Shape-

Women who have proportionate shoulders and hips along with a tiny waist curve given a straight illusion also known as straight body shape or rectangular body shape. If you are a straight body type then you should be focussing on highlighting your shoulders and collar bones. Tube tops with low rise jeans are the perfect combination for them. Tube tops can also be paired with miniskirts if you have a glamorous party to attend. For casual parties, you should keep it minimal by sticking to the classic women party top and jeans/shorts. Straight shaped women can also play around with design elements like puffed shoulders and off shoulders that will highlight their upper portion. To create an hourglass effect you can also style your tops with a wide waistbelt. 

Pear Body Shape

Pear-shaped women have their lower body portion (hips) bigger than their upper body portion. To style for a party or any other event, they need to balance their lower body to their upper body. Try and create a fuller look by wearing off-shoulder party tops and balloon tops that will create a voluminous look. Women party wear tops have amazing designs for off-shoulder tops.

Apple Body Shape-

Apple body shape are the opposites of pear body shape. Their upper body is more in comparison to the lower body and they need to volumize their lower portion to create a balanced look. Pair loose-fitted party tops with fuller skirts like peplums. Wrap around women party tops also suits this body type. Straight tops with free waistline will also do wonders for your body type. 

Hourglass Body Shape-

If you are an hourglass shape, then you are probably the luckiest because almost every woman party tops suit your body shape. Hourglass shape already has a balanced figure and should highlight that to the best extent. Body fitted women party tops that clench at the waist is the perfect attire for them. They can also wear peplum tops and see-through tops. Crop tops that flaunt your waistline with low wast denims or pants is also a wise choice depending upon the occasion. 

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