SammyGift: A website that delivers warmth

(A flower by flower delivery online shop from Sammygift)

In the last two months, I saw an online store called Sammygift on social media. This is a website dedicated to gifting Chinese people.Perfect for those in need of a gift in China!What I want to tell you guys is that this website is really awsome.

I saw this online store and immediately thought of a good friend I hadn’t seen for many years. She went to Shenzhen China after graduation and met her husband there. Later, she settled in China. Although we haven’t seen each other for many years, we often interact on social media. Through her INS, I know that her birthday is approaching.

So I wondered if I could bring her a surprise through this store, so I read the reviews of this store on the Internet, and the pictures of the online reviews look gorgeous , so I tried to browse some of the products in this store. After being recommended by the customer service, I quickly placed the order and filled in the recipient’s information. This process is very fast and very convenient.By the way, it’s easy to pay too, as long as you have a Paypal account, you can pay quickly!

I was surprised that the delivery service of this store was really quick. From start to finish was extremely satisfied with service and final delivery. The flowers are first-class and received well.I placed the order at 3 o’clock in China time and it was delivered at 5 o’clock. There is no extra charge for such a great delivery service, which is really great.

Not only that, but their quality is what I am most satisfied with. I ordered one of the best selling flowers and cakes on their website, and none of them disappointed me. As long as you look at the pictures, you will know why I said that. After she received it, she immediately shared her joy with me on facetime. She said that she seemed to relive the experience of marriage proposal. We talked for a long time afterwards and recalled a lot of happy past together.

I have to say that SammyGift is a store that delivers warmth. It delivers not only cake and flower, but also joy and love.I hope you can regain the joy and happiness you once had.

Will continue to use this flower & cake delivery online shop.This shop is recommended to those who have friends in Guangzhou or China anywhere. From my experience, they definitely provide the best flower and cake delivery service in Shenzhen.

Hope that if you want to send a gift to a Shenzhen friend or China anywhere, you can come to this shop to choose a gift, the quality of the flowers is very good, before are afraid to buy flowers online for fear of not fresh, bought very satisfied after the next will patronize.


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