Review Of Lockdown With Netflix

matt seymour 69zVsGRejY4 unsplash
matt seymour 69zVsGRejY4 unsplash

Welcome back to Dark Corners Lockdown. Reviewing streaming films while the cinemas are closed. The Endless, which you can find on Netflix, was directed by and stars Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead playing characters called Justin and Aaron, which is usually a fleet of red flags, but in this case, I think the decision was financial rather than vanity. Some of the characters are similar to the game of thrones bastard names.

‘I don’t want to go to deprogramming any more’ Justin and Aaron – the characters – escaped from a UFO death cult ten years ago, but life since then has not gone well. ‘Rather be alive and eat ramen than be dead and eat corn’ So much so that, after they receive a video in the post suggesting it was not a death cult… ‘The ascension is something we’re all looking forward to’ Aaron wants to return. ‘I want to go back’. Justin, the older brother and the one who got them out is less keen but agrees to one night and they find camp Arcadia just as they left it ‘We’re always here.’ 

it’s hard to say what’s a spoiler and what’s not here, obviously all will not be as it seems but some of the stuff you’d think was a reveal, is so heavily foreshadowed I have to assume you’re supposed to guess in advance but to be on the safe side, I’m just going to steer clear. ‘I think I see what you’re doing’ There are some really cool scenes, ‘A struggle with a higher power!’ Some great images and some properly tense moments albeit, very slowly paid out. 

‘You want to know what runs all this, you go find it’ This is very much your twisty-turns, a mind-bending sci-fi story with a Christopher Nolan vibe and I think it’s important to note, I don’t like this sort of thing when Christopher Nolan does it. ‘It’s a weird story’ This type of movie doesn’t generally work for me, and this one didn’t change my mind – I ceased to care about 40 minutes in. That said, I can see that it’s well made so if it is your type of thing, this example might well work for you. 

With a couple of caveats; some films, the dialogue feels heavy with the weight of exposition, this feels heavy with the lack of it. ‘Saying more be like trying to explain an impossible color’ More importantly, Benson and Moorhead strike me as strong directors – they certainly have an eye for an image but their directing is better than they’re acting, and so much hangs on the brothers – I do feel I would have engaged with the film more if I’d engaged with them at all. ‘I’ll let you stay one more day’ So, kind of a cagey verdict from me because I don’t want to put anyone off based on my personal taste, but it did not work for me.


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