Personal hygiene

hygiene practices

In later times, I have stumbled upon many interpretations or definitions of Personal hygiene. From there, I determined the best one is “how well you care for your body”. Usually, we don’t care about the personal hygiene practice to keep our body fit.

After seeing about personal hygiene. We have to turn forward to realize some personal hygiene practices which include brushing our teeth, washing, bathing our body, making exercise.

Unfortunately, the entire world is conflicting with the Covid-19. In this troublesome time, we have to maintain our body fit. We should act upon the personal hygiene practices like sanitizations, house-breaking, cleanliness, and socialization.

Benefits of personal hygiene practices

Foremost, by applying good habits like hand washing and cleanliness, we can get rid of the Covid-19 effect.

If you are a kid, then you have to brush your teeth daily to prevent tooth problems. Brushing your teeth can keep you away from many internal diseases.

One of the most ignored personal hygiene practices is that cutting your nails. You should cut your nails, not daily but weekly. Long, dirty nails can make us sick.

We can enjoy a healthy lifestyle by applying the habits of personal hygiene. We should follow these practices to live longer and to stay fit.

Types of personal hygiene

There are many types, but we will mention the most discussed types.

1. Washing hygiene

2. Nail hygiene

3. Toilet cleanliness hygiene

4. Hand washing hygiene

5. Brushing teeth hygiene

6. Stay away from others if you are sick.

Routine for personal hygiene

Everyone wants to enjoy a healthier life. If you want to stay, create a routine for personal hygiene.

These are some personal hygiene practices. Brush your teeth before breakfast. After the brushing, move to exercise.

A little exercise can lead you to a healthy day. Next, have a healthy breakfast. Also, take a bath daily, cut your nails weekly, and stay away from fast food.

Set a reminder

I know that it is very difficult to do. But to make your life easier, you have to act on these routines. The basic step is to set a reminder for all of your healthy activities. It will remind you to do your work. You have to follow personal hygiene practices to stay healthy.


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