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Are you ready to take on what will become an interior design trend next year and many more years later?

A new year comes with new beginnings, why not start right in your own house? When it comes to materials and designs that are the trends of previous years, certainly experts and stylish people are not only in furniture but also designers, architects, decorators who understand better than anyone.

Certainly, the images in this article will make you “overwhelmed” and feel a bit “wishing” to own a house with such interior design. Without further hesitation, let’s discover right away:

Use dark colors for the kitchen

15 Latest Interior Design Trends

                                        Image sources: https://unsplash.com/photos/MyeOnGcibCQ

The trend of using dark colors for the family’s kitchen, mainly black and navy is becoming more and more famous than ever, as evidenced in the past 6 months alone. Kitchen furniture using these 2 colors has increased by 93%.

It can be affirmed that navy blue is gradually prevailing on the walls, floors, kitchens, replacing the classic gray is still popular.

An example of the interior design trends of a modern kitchen:

Use the decorative constellations

The interior designers have taken inspiration from the sky, astronomy, zodiac patterns, constellations and applying them to your home’s interior. This trend shows sophistication, generosity and something quite dreamy.

The stone wall panels decorated with stars evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The tendency to use the model of the ocean

Interior design experts call this the “Blue Planet” effect because the inspiration from the objects in the ocean brings life to your home.

The examples below are armchairs made in the shape of a scallop shell, which feels smooth, and fresh.

Crittal style

It is undeniable that the “Crittal” style is gradually becoming more and more popular when it comes to interior design trends. They appear in windows, doors, walls, and room partitions.

Sharp and flexible is what we feel, the lines are thin but do not create a sense of fragility. It’s not uncommon for this interior design trend to dominate the social network Pinterest for a long time. “Crittal” has the ability to completely transform any space, bringing a sense of freshness, modernity, friendliness and light.

The interior door panels are cleverly designed, mainly made of transparent glass and metal frame, when opened or closed without affecting light and space.

Nude color interior trend

This interior design trend brings a sense of warmth and neutrality. Over the past few years, gray has dominated the neutral color palette, but the color of “sand” has gradually returned to replace the familiar “gloomy and boring” color.

This warm and friendly tone is increasingly appealing to small families, you can refer to this trend with the example illustrated below.

Caramel color tone – Honey

When it was first known the trend of interior selection with this tone, it immediately brought the shades of warm and sweet autumn. This will be a great impression when combined with the living room or dining room, where the family reunion.

Concrete material bathroom

The trend of “concrete” style is increasingly becoming the first choice when choosing furniture materials for bathrooms. A rough surface, handy, feels strong and extremely special. Despite the rough feel, there is no loss of flexibility in use.

Modern printing and construction technologies allow you to refine and try many different types of materials just from concrete. Here is an example for you to reference


While countless other interior design styles have become obsolete, the 1950s in some miraculous way still retain the “hot”. You can easily see the style of the last century everywhere, hotels, restaurants, villas, …

The classic but not obsolete, on the contrary, there is a subtle modernity in the materials designed in this trend.

Velvet – Velvet fabric, smooth

The need to look for interior designs that feel smooth, has quadrupled in the past six months, mostly for velvet-made items. Extremely seductive is what brings from this style, from velvet beds, velvet sofa, …

Nomadic interior trends

Do you think this interior trend is located only in the remote deserts of Indian tribes? There are an increasing number of decorations designed in this style for use in your home. A very unique feature that only this trend brings.

Modern living room wall

The trend of using modern, friendly materials as pieces in the interior design of the living room continues to grow. Easily recognize them appearing in the design of hotels, restaurants, large spaces, cafes, …

Because applying this style, this design will create miracles, bring the feeling of “open” for small and tight spaces.

Stone colored sheets

This set of bed sheets makes you feel both elegant and comfortable and modern; Just seeing it immediately reminded me of the warmth in the winter, I just wanted to stay in this bed forever.

Decorating motifs for dishes

The beautiful porcelain panels deserve attention – they will make a big highlight when you organize house parties at home with friends or relatives.

Frida Kahlo

Discover the trend of interior decoration in colorful Mexican style, with striking tones interwoven, creating intense vitality for the space.


Interior design trends in the tropical style of the Hawaiian Islands.

Examples of decorative motifs rented on pillowcases. The striking colors of the tropics make people more optimistic and playful in a busy life.Each design style, one nuance. Hope you have chosen for yourself the design styles and home decor, furnishings that fit your living space through this article.


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