Measures to ensure your car safety during the pandemic

Chicagos Best Mobile Mechanic On Site Vehicle Repair 2
Chicagos Best Mobile Mechanic On Site Vehicle Repair 2

We all are well versed in the pandemic that is going on throughout the world. The only measure to save yourself from this is by ensuring safety. It has become very much important to sanitize the things around you. No doubt in the starting when there was complete lockdown in the country, the traveling has reduced very much. With time unlocking has been started in the country so many of us have to travel here and there for some of the other reasons. So the safest option to travel nowadays is to go anywhere by car and also by procuring all the safety measures. So it has become very important to take care of your car as well, you can send your car to the best car service center in Bangalore.

Here are some of the types that will ensure the safety of your car. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Vacuum your car regularly: it is but obvious that the dust particles get attracted to your car and get collected in it. So this dust is one of the sources of infection of this virus. If you want to ensure all the safety measures it is better to vacuum your car regularly. Make sure that you scrub the floor mat, carpets, pedals, and lever properly with the disinfectant. If you send your car for service even they will first disinfect the car and after that will start their work.
  • Clean the high tough surfaces: in the car, several surfaces are touched very frequently. So it is better to clean them side by side so that there is no scope of any bacteria. It is better to use an ammonia-based solution and dilute it before use. It is best to apply the solution with the help of cotton cloth or a cleaning pad.
  • Don’t forget to notice the grey areas: there are fewer parts of the car that are touched very rarely but it is better to clean them as well. it is better to clean the handle of the car before you touch it. Apart from all this is very important for the person who is traveling to wear a mask, gloves and should have sanitizer.
  • Disinfect the HVAC unit: HAVC means the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit that circulates the air in the car. In this situation, it has become very important to deep clean the air system completely. It is the high time of the summers so that the AC of the car is to be disinfected.

So by following all these measures you can ensure the safety of you and your car. Apart from all this, it is better to get your car serviced on time by the car service centre in Bangalore so that they can maintain the good health of the car. In the whole situation, it is our duty and responsibility to keep ourselves and the things around us clean and disinfected so that we can fight against this virus.


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