La Caro Band And Jorgedian Dihigo Caro: A must read story


La Caro Band is one of the most celebrated salsa bands in Cuba. The band was founded in April 1994 by three sisters, one of them being Jorgedian’s own mother. La Caro Band was the first band three female singers in the Cuban salsa genre and took over countries in Latin America.

La Caro Band is a family affair, compromising of the three Caro sisters, their husbands and sons. Music is at the heart of the family, all following musical studies which is where Jorgedian’s passion started.

Their sound is broadly appealing, with La Caro Band singing harmonies in a unique, seamless blend unprecedented in contemporary salsa.

“You can call me an artist, you can call me an idol,” they sing. “No matter what you call me, I don’t care… you can’t stop me lovin’ myself.” Jorge says that mantra—love yourself—is core to La Caro Band’s identity; it’s even incorporated into their most recent album titles. “Life has many unpredictable issues, problems, dilemmas,” says Jorgedian. “But I think the most important thing to live well is to be yourself. We’re still trying to be us.”

JorgedianDihigo Caro and his connection with La Caro Band

JorgedianDihigo is a Cuban entrepreneur based in Dubai. He is theson of Diana Caro, one of the founders of La Caro Band.Jorgedian has been playing with La Caro Band for around 10 years as one the lead saxophonist players and also collaborated as a singer. Jorgedian is a known model, tv presenter and musician in Latin America and participated in Mr. Universe Model back in 2011. Jorgedian is now part of a well-known aesthetic clinic in Dubai and is part of several new projects. Jorgedian is excited to also open a new luxury boutique hotel in Havana Cuba.


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