Italian Sparkling Water – The Perfect Thirst Quencher with Many Benefits

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Although sparkling water has endured for decades, it has become more prevalent over the past several years. Even statistics show that bubbly sparkling water sales surpassed billions in 2019 and is still experiencing growth. 

Though there are plenty of varieties available, Italian sparkling water is something that is highly trending. It also offers the same sensation as sipping a soda with no sugar and calories. The majority of the makers have sparkling flavour water prepared with natural flavours. Commonly, we see it sold under names like Soda Water, Seltzer Water, Club Soda, and Fizzy Water. 

Although it has grown in popularity, many people imagine its health benefits.  Providentially, we’re here to present you with a full breakdown of the advantages of sparkling water. Take a look. 

#1 Better Than Heavy Sodas

Bubbly Sparkling water us far better than the regular high calories soda for many reasons. Firstly, it does not have any calories. Then, it gives you the chance to enjoy your favourite drink with a little bit of active fizz, and that too without zero calories. Sounds great, right? 

Moreover, flavoured sparkling water is more beneficial than adding sugar, as it can have a severe impact on your tooth enamel. A typical misconception is that carbonation breaks down tooth polish, but this is not the exact cause. In actuality, it is the sugar in the drinks that prompts your tooth enamel to give out. Many studies have stated that soft drinks are more damaging to the tooth enamel than the normal soda water.

#2 Enhances Digestion

Italian Sparkling water is also helpful in improving metabolism and the ability to swallow. Giving as an example, a  study discovered that a majority of people who felt the need to clean their throats found it as a significant relief drink.

Besides, bubbly sparkling water from premium brands like San Pellegrino has a positive impact on bowel progress, especially for those individuals who are regularly constipated. Researchers also consider that sparkling water could decrease the severity of other gas signs, such as stomach ache.

#3 Losing Weight

Possibly the most notable health benefit of downing sparkling water is the fact that it could aid you to lose weight. Maybe because it makes you feel more energetic than you would with standard water. Also, research shows that it pushes food to remain in your stomach for a more prolonged time, making you feel fuller.  The fuller you feel, the short you’ll feel the necessity to eat again and again. Therefore, sparkling waters are a win-win situation if you want to lose weight more quickly.

#4 Absence of Phosphorus

One of the main ingredients in cola is phosphorus. Unluckily, scientists think that phosphorus is one of the elements that are directly responsible for reduced bone health. Sparkling Italian water can improve bone health. A study determined that drinking it in routine led to better water retention while increasing bone strength.

#5 Improves Heart Health

Another advantage that comes into the row is that sparkling water could improve your heart health. Yet, there is not a specific reason supporting this, although the initial research appears promising. For instance, one analysis estimated the impact that bubbly sparkling water had on cholesterol levels. The study concluded that it led to a rise in “good” HDL cholesterol and decreased LDL cholesterol, inflammation agents, and blood sugar levels. 

#6 Keeps You Hydrated 

It may appear somewhat apparent, but it’s worth quoting. Drinking sparkling water helps you stay more hydrated even in the hot blazing summers. Many people observed that carbonated water tastes fresh and better than regular tap water. Ultimately, there’s a more substantial chance to remain hydrated all day long. Admitting that the human body is 60 per cent water, you still need to stay hydrated. Most experts suggest that you drink at least 64 ounces of water every day.

Hydration enables us to perform at best both mentally and physically. Staying well-hydrated could lessen oxidative stress that usually happens while working out. Even the smallest bit of dehydration could affect your mood and concentration. And, at times, it makes you more prone to headaches. So, take a sip of fizzy sparkling water and prevent yourself from this occurring.


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