How To Stop Guessing Game On Your Monthly Bills To Avoid Overspending


Do you know exactly how much you are paying each month towards your monthly bills?

Most people wait anxiously each month not knowing their monthly bills only to be shocked when that direct debit hit their account.

It’s time to stop the guessing game of your bills and take control of your finances.

 Why You Get It Wrong On Your Monthly Bills

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1. Estimates

Bills like gas and electricity come with discrepancies for most people each year.

Your last year’s usage might be different to this year.

Gas and electricity are usually underestimated such that you will end up paying more than the actual estimate from your supplier.

When you are given an estimate by your supplier it’s a great idea to set some reserve money just in case your bill goes over.

In most case it goes over because when your energy supplier gives you the estimates they don’t factor in thing like price increase and harsh winters.


It’s easy to overspend on things like mobile phones even though these days we are lucky to have the free apps that allow us to send, receive messages and to make calls anywhere in the world like WhatsApp.

Don’t be shy to use these free apps as they can save you a lot of money.

If you have a contract phone make sure that you are not using more data or minutes than what your contract allows you, to avoid any surprises on your monthly payments.

3. End Of Sign -Up Special Offers

We recently signed up on Virgin Media and they had a special offer of free Sky Sports for the first two months so we decided to accept the offer.

At the end of this offer, if we don’t cancel Sky Sports on from our TV package, Virgin Media will assume that we want to continue watching it, therefore, they will charge us for Sky Sports.

To make sure that we remember to cancel this in time I have set a reminder on my diary and on my mobile phone.

Many people are lured to these sign-up special offers only to forget to cancel them when they expire.

Forgetting to cancel them can result into paying more money than your usual monthly payments this can set you out of budget.

Tips For Stopping The Guessing Game On Monthly Bills. 

4. Cut Back On Your Spending

There are many ways to cut down on your bills such as switching to a cheaper provider.

There are some comparisons sites for gas and electricity that you can use to find the less expensive provider.

If you have a TV package consider removing channels which you don’t watch to make in less expensive.

5. Check Your Bill Statements and Bank Statements

Making a habit of checking your bill statements and bank statements each month does not take long.

Designate a few minutes to do this to make sure you are being charged the right amount.

Investigate any differences quickly.

You should be able to see when any sign- up special offers are due to end if you are not sure contact your provider.

Not knowing exactly how much you are paying for your monthly bills can throw you out of budget.

Take control of your money now and stop guessing your bills.

Over to you…

Have you ever been charged by your bank for an unpaid direct debit?


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