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One might face issues while working with AT & T from time to time. Among all troubles, the most common issue is that the Bellsouth email is not working properly. We sincerely need to discuss issue one face while they try to log in to their Bellsouth account. Fixing the issues might help you in your long run when you’re an active user of the Bellsouth email account. Here today you will find ways to fix these problems and then you can effortlessly work with your Bell south email account.

The reason why Bellsouth is not working:

There can be plenty of reasons behind email login is not working, some of the common reasons are listed below as it will help you to fix the matter once you get to know about the reason behind the problem.

  1. Unstable Internet Connection: There must be a problem related to the Internet connection that you’re using. Keep a check on your network outage as it can also create an issue. An unstable internet connection can be troublesome. You must make sure that you must have a stable Internet connection and speed must be fairly good.
  2. There must be a default in setting: There must be some setting default that might have happened during configuring the Bellsouth email on your phone.
  3. Browser might be outdated: An outdated browser can also create problems while you try to open a Bellsouth email account. Apart from that try clearing your cookies and caches from the browser at regular intervals. Enable JavaScript for your device.
  4. Problem with the Third-party Software: You might face a problem if you have any issue with the third-party software which is installed in your device. Sometimes the antivirus software which is installed in your system does not allow the smooth operation of the Bellsouth email. You can easily disable such an application when you’re working and again resume it once the work is done.
  5. Issue with the device: Something the device can become the reason for your trouble and not the account. 
  6. Suspension of the email account: If in any case your email account has been suspended you might face a problem using the Bellsouth email account.

Bellsouth Email not working in Outlook.

If your Bellsouth Email is not working in outlook then here are steps to fix the issue. 

[1] You can change the Bellsouth email password and also create a secure key: 

Changing the password can somewhat fix the issue. If you still face the issue after changing the password then try creating a secure email key. What is that you might think? It’s a password that is only used for the Outlook profile thus help the users to use the account efficiently. Using a secure email is an excellent idea if you want to secure your email from malicious users. 

  • You need to visit the Bellsouth profile page and then click on the login info option and then select the Bellsouth email account. 
  • Create a secure key and then you can scroll down so that you can secure the mail keys. 
  • Again you need to choose the setting option called the “Manage secure mail keys” and then add the secure key to it. 
  • Lastly when you select the option “Create secure email key” click on the next option i.e. ” copy secure mail key” to the clipboard and end the process by clicking “OK”

[2] The Bell south email account must be configured properly.

If in any case, you find that your Outlook is not working properly then check your account setting and it must be done correctly. You have to find your account and then make all the necessary changes so that it will work smoothly.

[3] All details in your Outlook profile must be updated.

Updating the Outlook profile is quite essential. If your Outlook profile is corrupted then Bell south does not work smoothly so follow the steps to manage your account:

  • Click on the File tab and choose the information
  • Choose the account and then go for the account setting option.
  • Then you need to change the folder for the Outlook data file, then inbox. 
  • Lastly save the changes you have made and then verify that the problem is solved or not.

[4] You can forward the Bellsouth email to the Outlook email.

In case you do not receive emails from Bellsouth in Outlook then you should configure your emails from Bell south emails to Outlook email.

Bellsouth is not working with on Mac

  • Keep check on the Bellsouth mail server: You must make sure that the Bellsouth mail server is working efficiently
  • Sign up on your Bellsouth account: Once you have signed up on the Bellsouth mail you can close the Mac device and then again restart your device.
  • Enter the Safari browser: This will help you to open the Safari browser.
  • Create username and password: You need to sign in to your Bell south mail account and then enter your username and password.
  • Ensure your email is working: Click on the “sign-in” button and ensure it is working now.
  • Disable the antivirus software: For Bellsouth work smoothly the user needs to disable the antivirus software installed in his system.
  • Resolve the issue: Lastly make sure that your problem is resolved or not.


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